What is a Probate Note Deficiency

It is an error in the handling of a petition that does not meet legal requirements or court rules. Perhaps a document was prepared incorrectly, a procedure was overlooked, or a document still needs to be filed. A few examples of a deficiency are, “No notice of hearing filed”, “Notice filed mailed less than 30 days prior to hearing” or “No accounting filed”.
Deficiencies must be cleared or corrected before a court order is signed by the judge and filed with the court. In some cases, if there are no deficiencies, the petition will be approved without a court appearance necessary. […]

What Are Probate Notes – California Probate

Probate Notes are a written review of a case prepared by the probate examiner prior to an upcoming hearing. The notes contain a brief summary of the case, including the names of the parties involved, the reason for the hearing, and the deficiencies if any. The examiner gives a recommendation or asks a question. The purpose is to make sure that everything has been handled properly and nothing is missing in the file. Probate notes are prepared anywhere from several weeks prior to hearing or as late as a day prior to a hearing. Probate notes might be reviewed and […]

What is an Inventory and Appraisal?

The State of California has hundreds of “Judicial Council” forms (forms that are adopted for universal use in courts within all 58 counties in California). These forms are broken into many major groups such as family law, civil, small claims, probate, criminal and more. An Inventory and Appraisal is both a process of listing estate assets for a formal valuation and a group of forms used typically in Probate, Conservatorship, and Guardianship cases within California.
Inventory and Appraisal – The Process
In Probate proceedings the Inventory and Appraisal is used to determine the value of an estate as to the date of […]

LDA Insider Secrets to Save You Money & Time

The family law clerks do not help people get through their legal process as efficiently as possible. Handling your own legal matters can cost a lot in wasted money and time. Our job is to save you both. We also save you the aggravation of finding and paying for a parking space and standing in long lines at the court. Here are some insider tips to make your legal process better that you probably don’t know:

Both parties do not have to pay a court filing fee to participate in a dissolution of marriage or a legal separation. The court filing […]

Mom Died. Now What? – Just Doc Prep’s Probate Service 2013 Year End Review

The year 2013 gave us more opportunity than ever before to help consumers and attorneys get through their probate cases as smoothly and quickly as possible. In almost every case, the presiding judge in various courts, complimented our clients on the quality of our paperwork.

After interviewing other legal document assistants and attorneys, J.T. of Orange County hired us to help him prepare the paperwork on a simple probate. He was amazed at how quickly he was able to get into court and how smoothly his case went. On the morning of his hearing, he was the 22nd case to come […]