How Much Does the California Court Charge for Process Serving Documents

With almost every court proceeding in California, documents need to be served on the other party(ies) after they are filed with the court clerk. The California Courts website describes in depth more about the process serve and the requirements to complete it here. The most common type of process serve complete is known as a “Personal Serve”, in which someone physically hands the filed court documents to the other party. That person who gives the documents to the other party completes, signs and files the Proof of Service as verification with the court clerk.

So how much does the court charge […]

Do I have to Go to My Court Hearing in Riverside County

Many people in California assume that when they set up a court hearing, they are required to attend. In many cases this is true, but there are hearings that do not require an appearance. If there are any questions, you will want to confirm with the court clerk when you are filing your documents. They can let you know specifically for your hearing, the requirements for attendance. Below we will identify some of the possible variables that might not require you to be physically present in court.

First, it is important to note that with the court “a required appearance” doesn’t […]

What Are Prohibited Items in California Courts

With security being at an all-time high, and even more so in governmental facilities, people may often wonder what they can and cannot take inside of a courthouse. Similar to going through a TSA check prior to a flight, almost all courthouses in California have security and screening at the front door. Because a court is a place where orders are made daily that could cause extreme emotion, dangerous situations could occur. For this reason and for the overall safety of court staff, Judges and all present, the California courts have an extensive list of what is prohibited in their […]

Court Filing Fees In California Superior Courts – An Overview

Court filing fees in California are not always required. The most common reason that a person filing at the Superior Courts in California would not have to pay a fee would be if they prepare and file a current fee waiver (FW-001) and it is granted and the court Judge signs or stamps an Order on Fee Waiver (FW-003).

While the Superior Courts in California have not increased their filing fees in the last few years, around 2011-2012 there were as many as 3 filing fee increases that brought the most common filing fees for most court filings to $435 in […]

Can I Take My Cellphone into a California Courtroom

You can take your cellphone into courthouses and courtrooms in California. There are however restrictions placed on what you can do with them once you are inside. Most of these restrictions may seem like common knowledge to most, but none the less, the courts do have published guidelines, typically available on their website, of what is and isn’t acceptable use of cellphones in the court. Each County Court in California may be different so you will want to check, and if unsure, you can simply ask security at the front doors when entering. For reference, here is a cell phone […]