Can I change my divorce judgment even if it’s already filed?

In California, changing a divorce judgment after it is finalized is possible, and it doesn’t always have to be a complex process. The courts recognize the importance of adapting to unforeseen developments that may impact the fairness and appropriateness of the original divorce settlement.

A modification could be to change the amount of spousal support to be paid or even the termination of spousal support. Sometimes the parties might want to change how pension benefits or other assets will be handled.

One common reason for a modification is due to a significant change in circumstances that affects the best interest of the […]

DISCLOSURES – What are they and Why are they So Important?

In processes for Divorce or Legal Separation, one of the requirements before getting a final judgment to terminate the relationship is to disclose information. It is mandatory to share details regarding current assets, debts, income and expenses with the other party to avoid risking having a judgment thrown out because information was knowingly withheld.

The forms used to share the information are the FL 160 – the Property Declaration and the FL 150 – the Income and Expense Declaration.  This information is sometimes exchanged more than once when the process is lengthy and circumstances change. The information provided should be complete […]

How Fast is a Divorce in Riverside County, California?

When people have decided that they are ready to terminate a marriage, in many cases, they will want to process their divorce as quickly as possible. This could be to reduce the amount of time they are dealing with highly emotional issues as well as the unfamiliar court process. While the family law courts in Riverside County all process divorce cases according to the same procedures and timelines, there are in fact ways to keep the process moving to complete a divorce as fast as procedurally possible.

It should be first noted that in California, and no different in Riverside County, […]

Cost To File for Spousal Support in Riverside County

Understanding the costs associated with initiating a spousal support petition in California can help someone with the proper planning and preparation to be able to file and work towards having a spousal support order made. While the costs for someone in Riverside County filing for spousal support can vary dramatically based on many factors, here we will lay out a few constants and variables so you have a basic idea of what it might take financially to get a spousal support order in the Riverside County family law court system.

Where to file a Spousal Support Case in Riverside County

First to […]

Where to File Family Law Cases in Riverside County

With divorce rates at an all-time high, it is more and more common that residents in Riverside County will be forced to utilize the services of the California Family Law Courts. This could be for simple divorces with no issues or complex family law cases with custody, visitation, child and spousal support and asset and debt division. No matter how simple or complex the case, if your residence is in Riverside County the Riverside County Family Law Courts will be where your case is filed and processed. Each county in California essentially handles family law cases in the same way, […]