Can I Serve Court Documents by Newspaper in California?

In California, there are many different methods by which a person can be served with court documents. The allowable method will vary depending on the type of case as well as some other factors such as the location of the parties, if they have previously filed documents on the case or even if you can locate them. While Serve by Publication is an available option for serving someone, it is not the first available option. The California Courts require certain tasks are completed before a serve by publication is allowed.

First off, what is “service”? With regards to the California Courts, […]

Where to file a Conservatorship in Riverside County

As our parents age or as special needs children reach the age of majority filing for conservatorship is often necessary to continue to provide for their needs and wellbeing. The California Courts, specifically the probate division are tasked with handling conservatorship proceedings. While there are 58 Counties in California and each County may have a handful of Probate Divisions, the process, timeline and costs are typically uniform since the County Superior Courts are under the same California Judicial System. Simply put, a conservatorship case filed in Los Angeles County would likely run the same course as it would if filed […]

Availability of Public Court Records for Riverside County

Modern Technology and the Courts Intersect

With the advance of technology, as well as the widespread use of it, it is no surprise that almost any piece of information is available online. This is no different for most court records for California and specifically the Superior Courts of Riverside County. With 58 Counties in California, most of these courts have made available court proceeding information for anyone who cares to look it up. While the amount of information available does vary from County to County, and also depending on the type of case, for the most part, access to specific information […]

Chino Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants

We Are The Choice for Chino Paralegals & Legal Document Assistant
Chino, CA is a smaller city located within San Bernardino County. It has a population of about 80,000 and the very close Chino Hills, a population of about 76,000. The residents of Chino and Chino Hills are serviced by the local courts within the county. Their divorces are filed in downtown San Bernardino while some civil and eviction matters filed and heard in Fontana, CA. Currently there are not many choices for Paralegal services or Legal Document Assistants within or surrounding the Chino area. This leaves residents who want professional […]

Ontario California Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants

Ontario California Paralegals & Legal Document Assistants
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Your Ontario California Paralegals & Legal Document Assistant Choices
Ontario is a city located in San Bernardino County. this means that all court proceedings are processed through San Bernardino county courts. Depending on the nature of the case, it could be held in several courts between Fontana and downtown San Bernardino. Currently most professional paralegal services are located around major courts. Fontana court does not […]