Wage Garnishment Preparation

A wage garnishment or income withholding order is a court order directing an employer to withhold money from your paycheck and send it directly to a creditor.

Do you have a judgment from the family law court in which you were awarded child support, spousal support or arrearages but aren’t getting paid? Call us if you need our help to prepare a wage garnishment. We will prepare all the documents so they can be filed with the court and given to the debtor’s employer to garnish their wages. If an order has expired, we can also prepare the documents and help with all the steps to terminate the wage garnishment.
Did you prevail in a civil case where the other party was ordered to pay you but you haven’t received what’s due? Call us if you need our help to prepare the Writ of Execution and Earnings Withholding Order so they can be certified by the court clerk and given to the sheriff for service on the debtor’s employer.


 Wage Garnishments – The Process

A wage garnishment, or income withholding order can be filed at the court where a judgment is being entered or was previously entered. The terms of the judgment and other information regarding the party ordered to pay and their employment or financial assets is needed to complete the documents. These documents are usually processed at the court fairly quickly. In a family law matter, the filed order can easily be given to the employer who must start withholding within 10 days. In a civil matter, a wage garnishment must be served on the employer or financial institution by a bonded and registered process server or sheriff after the documents have been filed with the levying officer at the county sheriff’s office.

Wage Garnishments Completed Fast & Accurately

Whether you need an income withholding order from the family law court, an earnings withholding order or a notice of levy for a bank account from the civil court, we take care of everything to help satisfy your court judgment. We can schedule appointments same or next day to initiate your wage garnishment. We just need a few pieces of information to quickly prepare your documents so you can start collecting what’s due. Your documents are usually ready within a few business days. We are bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400 and have been preparing wage garnishments since 1996. Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients.

Our Wage Garnishment Service is Complete From Start to Finish

Just Document Preparation can handle all the details so you can get paid. Besides getting your documents ready to be issued at the court, we can also help filing them and facilitating the requirements when the sheriff’s involvement is needed.

The Best Choice for Wage Garnishment Preparation

  • Bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400
  • We Have been preparing Wage Garnishments since 1996
  • Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients
  • Flat fee & clear upfront pricing mean no surprises
  • Same & Next Day Appointments Available
  • More 5 Star Reviews Than Any Other in the Local Industry

What Our Clients Say

What I received in professionalism and human kindness I would have gladly paid twice the amount I paid for Annette and her staff’s Services.
V. Murray, Highland, CA

Annette, Thanks so much for all the direction provided… You’ve been a godsend, and we’ll be forever grateful. With great appreciation
D &B Palmer, Riverside, CA

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