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Client feedback is extremely important to us, and more importantly it is crucial to you as the consumer. Just Document Preparation has found that we have more 5 star reviews than any other in our industry.  These reviews & testimonials help show you the kind of service we provide. Please take a minute and check out our reviews.

greg leitner

Smooth and quick dealing with Annette at a great price.

Ken Yousif

My wife and I have used them on a couple different matters. Excellent service and highly recommended.

Darlene Lopez

Very helpful. I'm a single mother and the compassion and support I got while they assisted me with my documents was great. Thanks again

Giancarlo Jarquin

This business is the real deal. They are professional and helped me out right away. Price is great and have great customer service.

Valerie Archuleta

Joel and his staff were very prompt and friendly. They got everything done quick and painless!

Roger Bezansky

I have retained Just Document, on Limonite in Riverside, CA. a couple of times. Joel Smith was very efficient, knowledgeable, and fast at supplying me with the documents I needed. Well worth the time and money, excellent service.

Brian Christensen

Joel was fantastic!! He explained every thing very thoroughly and was there every step of the way, I would highly recommend just documents for assistance's with Probate.

Cher'l Morse

I would highly recommend Just Document Preparation. They were awesome,in every way, professional and very helpful . We had no trouble recording our Docs they were perfect. I will go back if ever I need any help in the future.

Erica Acosta

Joel Smith and the team at Just Doc Prep are the best. I came in to have some papers completed, and they made everything so easy and hassle free. They get things done right the first time at a good price. i would highly recommend them.

Aidee Uribe

Nothing but the best! A complete Trust. I soo recommend them.

Tracy Webb

Easy and painless. I worked with Joel and he was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He took a big mess and made it work for me, and very quickly too! I will be back for some other stuff I need done!

Sean Kerr

I have used Joel at Just Docs a couple of times. I have always found them extremely professional and they are very competent, polite and patient. I feel their charges for professional service are very fair. I will only use Just Docs and Joel for any of my legal needs. Thank you Joel for always helping me in a calm and professional manner.


Outstanding and Professional Service!

Sherry62 L. Langley

They were very helpful and the documents were signed and done in a timely manner. They are very reasonable for the work they do. I recommend looking into their services for document preparation.

Kawena Delottinville

Most certainly been helpful in the process that I am going through right now. Thank you for making this easy.

Jason Strong

They have been a wonderful help during the difficult time that is the probate process.

Michael Smith

Performed as promised

Claudia Rodriguez

We were in need of legal services and after reading reviews decided to pay this office a visit (Limonite office in Riverside). We were attended very professional and all our questions were answered. When the time came for us to proceed, the staff was prompt and all was clearly explained. Very happy customer!

Abraham Zamora

Very happy with the service. I tried doing my divorce on my own and wasted 6 months of my life and two trips to the court. I wish I would have used them from the beginning. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. In a matter of a few days they set everything up and that was it. Thank you guys for all your help, well worth the investment if you value your time.

Kayla Moore

I could not have been any more pleased! I have used Just Doc Prep a couple times now and they have always been great. They are very patient and understanding and their rates could not be beat. I was quoted at least $200 more at other places, who were also trying to get more money out of me by doing unnecessary paperwork. But Just Doc Prep was very fair and made the process much easier. I highly recommend them and will always turn to them first for any future legal needs.

Donna G

Used her twice

Devyn G.

Joel and Anette are professional and knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Joel, in particular, has given me great guidance on some family law matters and his assistance was invaluable. Would definitely recommend utilizing their expertise.

Rich K.

Annette helped me with my estate planning, including the preparation of a living trust. She was timely, professional, and completely forthright with what she could and could not do. The price was fair and much less than I would have expected to pay had I gone to a lawyer. I had put this off for a long time, dreading the process, but Just Document Preparation made it quick and painless. If you're looking to have some legal documents prepared, I'd certainly give them a call. If you're using the Murrieta office, be sure to make an appointment first--it is not always manned. Update: After 3 years, I had to update some of my paperwork. I scheduled an appointment with Annette at their new Murrieta office on Ivy St. I still had a great experience and was in and out of the office in under 20 minutes. This time, I took my Golden Retriever, Jolie to meet Annette. Jolie appeared to have a good time as well. I strongly suggest checking this place out if you need legal documents done at a reasonable price.

Rocky O.

Great service, Annette and Luisa made it painless. I would definitely recommend their services. Their office was conveniently close to my house and we don't have to worry, everything was taking care of.

Stevie W.

Great communication very thorough. They were very patient with me when it came to filing for my divorce. They answered any questions I had and were above and beyond helpful. Everything came together neatly and done faster than I expected.

Ken Y.

My wife and I have used them for a couple of matters. Excellent service, great people. I highly recommend.

Wendy B.

Annette is a wonderful and pleasant to work with. She is preparing a few documents. She told us the changes in our trust that we wanted is not necessarily. She just wanted to save us money. What a pleasure.

Leslie R.

I'm using the services of "Just Document Preparation" in Riverside. Annette Gomez has been awesome in helping me with some legal paperwork and the process of filing with the court. She has been extremely helpful and knows the process well. She continues to follow through, making sure my case is moving along and is not charging me extra, even though it,s taking a little extra time to complete (not her fault). I highly recommend her office for you legal needs. I had no desire to re-visit the whole lawyer fiasco, it was not pleasant.

Megan S.

Fast easy and efficient! We got our title and deed prepared in 30 min. The only thing that could have made it better is if i didn't have to drive to the recorders office to process it, but that's besides the point. They did what we needed- quickly and properly.

Doug B.

These guys are awesome. I left a message regarding a living trust and they called me back right away and answered my questions. I hired them to make some amendments and got it all wrapped up within a couple days. I would hire them again and recommend.

Brad S.

Needed a legal document, Anette was prompt and always did what she said. I was a tad bit of a pain because I needed to make amendments to the document 3 different times, she completed each in a timely fashion. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you need legal documentation this is a top notch organization.

Giancarlo J.

This business is the real deal. They are professional and helped me out right away. Price is great and have great customer service.

M. C. G.

I was in a 11 year marriage and when it all came crashing down I was left with 3 young children and to top it all off I now had to go get an attorney to file for divorce. I could not afford all the legal fees the attorneys were asking for, I felt hopeless and lost, then a friend recommended Annette. OMGosh! She was a Godsend. Her and her entire office staff was so great. Annette reassured me that it would not be as difficult as I was imagining and she handled everything, all I had to do was take the paperwork down to the courthouse and file. For me, once I filed I had to go to court but even that was easy because the paper work done by Annette was so clean and clear that I basically just had to show up answer a few questions by the judge and that was that and I was done. When another issue came up 6 years later I didn't even think twice, I went right to Annette and she was so understanding. My children had to write something up for the judge and she was so great with them, especially my youngest (who is autistic) he did not shy away from her or her staff. Should something else come up Annette will defiantly be the first call I make. Annette, thank you and your staff for always being there to get us through our legal issues. You will never know what a blessing you have been to me and my children. May God continue to bless you and your warm caring office staff so you can continue to help us all.

Kelly T.

Extremely professional, reliable, and helpful. They have gone above and beyond in preparing my QDRO order with the least amount of stress on me. I highly recommend this business.

Sylvia M.

I used Just Doc Prep recently to set up a Trust and Will and I can't say enough about how great, timely and professional the service was. Went in for an appointment one week and two weeks later it was done. Legal stuff can be so scary and I was so relieved to have it handled with no worry and no stress. Yes, as someone else said, the prices are very fair compared to going to a lawyer. Annette explained everything so well and made me feel so comfortable. Definitely would go there again if needed!

God I.

Good fast and honest. Did a great job and reliable.

Joel T.

Annette was very professional. I was dealing with an out-of-town estate probate and she went out of her way to make sure when I was in town to handle the paperwork promptly and accurately. Kudos!

Reese B.

Annette at Just Doc Prep is an extremely courteous and trustworthy professional. I was filing for a divorce in California, but had to leave for New York and was concerned about all my paperwork being completed and delivered to the court. Annette reassured me that she would take care of everything, and in fact she did! She very reliably updated me at every development in the paperwork and got everything in on time. The paperwork was done well and for only a small percentage of what it would have cost to hire a lawyer.

Kate M.

Talk about a company that really knows their stuff. I just had my first encounter with one of their consultants and I feel over the moon as if I already know him. He listened to my needs and let me know how long it would take to have my issues resolved, pleasantly of course. These folks at Just Document Preparation are worth calling. I am pleased and will return soon. I just took a peak at the website and it is also worth checking out: justdocprep.com.

Jennifer A.

Just Document was professional and courteous. They explained every process and gave time frames (which were met) to get my divorce finalized. I was able to fit in appointments according to my work schedule and the fees to have paperwork prepared was more than reasonable.

Deborah P.

My mother just met with Annette to make some amendments to her living trust. Annette is knowledgable and professional, and we left the appointment with a sense of confidence that we had made the right decision by doing business here rather than paying costlier attorney fees.

River P.

I went to Just Doc Prep for assistance with a legal name change. I worked with Luisa, who was very helpful and made the process as quick and easy as possible. I would definitely recommend their services.

Courtney L.

After having a less-than-lackluster experience with a previous paralegal, I was in dire need of help! Luisa at Just Document Preparation was a GODSEND. She was so nice, patient, understanding, professional, and helped me untangle the mess of incomplete paperwork and missing forms the last guy had made. What's more is she worked completely remotely- through phone, email, fax, and good old fashion snail mail - which was important to me since I moved nearly 2 hours away. On top of all of that, she kept me updated with weekly emails and was completely on top of getting updates from the clerk's office when they didn't update their online portal in a timely manner. I can not recommend this company highly enough! I wish there were 6 stars! Thank you Just Document Preparation, and most of all, Luisa!

Lupita A.

Super helpful throughout the whole process. They laid everything out as far as what the court needed and what they needed from me as well. Everything went as expected and I am happy with how things were executed and resolved.

Jessica C.

Easy and quick way to get most legal documents. I have used them twice and will go back for future documents.

Rebecca B.

Just document prep is amazing! I didn't know where to turn when I was having really horrible issues with my child's father, I couldn't afford a lawyer, I started to research And it led me here. Luisa is simply amazing and from day one has been very helpful + informative. I now have full physical custody of my baby and honestly think I couldn't have done it without the help of just document preparation! Luisa you are amazing, and everyone on the team is extremity kind and helpful.

Llesenia R.

Joel was great. He explained every step of the process to me more than once. He was very prompt in answering my emails. Overall he got the job done quickly for a reasonable price. Thank you 🙂

Dee M.

I had my living trust done with Annette .. she made it so easy for me. I thought that it is going to be a very tedious process but it was easy than I I thought, I met with Annette for the first time told her what I wanted for my living trust and she explained it to me very simple to understand and not intimidating unlike some lawyers that talks above My head . It took maybe 30 minutes for my living will ... then she called me about a week when it was as all ready to be signed which only took maybe 15 mins. And was done . Annette was very nice and helpful.

Mary F.

Great experience with this place. Took my parents and myself to do a transfer of title. When I took the documents to record at the county, they were impressed that everything was in order. I also was impressed with the work done by Annette. I highly recommend this place. I will be back for a living trust.

Ron M.

I've relied and come to depend on Just Doc Preps services. It's been maybe 9-10 years of reliable service ranging from my trust to an adoption. The prices are fair at a fraction of what a lawyer would charge. Will do business again.

Vilma S.

Joel and Annette at Just Document Preparation are fantastic! They are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and efficient. They helped me with my divorce last year, and now I am hiring them again for a different service-- nothing speaks to quality like repeat customers! When I decided to file for divorce, at first I did a consultation with a lawyer, and was quoted some $5000 to file with the lawyer, which would have likely resulted in even more contention and pain between my ex-husband and I. I AM SO GLAD I went with Just Documents Preparation instead, it was so much more affordable, quick, and painless. You just go in with your information and documents, they do all the work, can answer any questions you have about the process, and leave you feeling reassured that you are in good hands! Even after everything was complete, I needed help with returning to my maiden name and Joel kindly assisted me with getting the required documents for no charge. I would definitely recommend them for any legal document preparation. They are highly experienced and will help you with any and all parts of the process, leaving you to heal and move on with your life without worrying about the details of your legal process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ron M.

I've relied and come to depend on Just Doc Preps services. It's been maybe 9-10 years of reliable service ranging from my trust to an adoption. The prices are fair at a fraction of what a lawyer would charge. Will do business again.

Margit Lippel

Annette has helped my dad for years and now she is helping me I'm so grateful I know and have her in my life

‎George Medina

Annette Gomez. Thank you for your hard work and walking me through everything.. Everything worked out great..

Joel Parker

Just Doc's are the greatest.

Gail Hartnell Perry

Our family has used Just Documents Preparation several times and we have been very pleased with this service. Annette Gomez is great to work with and is very knowledgable in this field. We give her and her company an A++

Cindi Neisinger

Great Service! Fast and Polite!

Kathy Bear

We had a wonderful & informative appointment yesterday. We are in such a better place & worries were taken care of for us. Thank you so very much & we will be using your services for our future needs.

Tom Barclay

Great, Prompt and professional service! Thanks Joel!

George Atwood

Saved me money when they had no obligation to do so. Cautioned me against proceeding to use their services until I first verified what I wanted to do would be accepted by the County. They could have just taken my money and prepared the documents without the caution. Rare integrity in the business world.

Lucy Pantera‎

Annette and Joel were very friendly and professional. They took the time to listened to all my needs and were very detailed in explaining every document to me. They had my documents ready within a few days. I would highly recommend them.

Amanda Lawson Adams

Great service, reasonable fees...I highly recommend this company!

Eddie Flak

Thank you joel. You were alot of help

Kenneth Stroud‎

There for me when I need them to be,great job.Thanks again!

Robbin Patterson

Wonderful and knowledgeable thank you Joel for being so pleasant. This is who I will be doing business with from now on when needed

Clarence Schmitz

Great service and friendly. I am glad I used them.

Regina Glover

I was afraid when I arrived. But after my meeting w/Gomez. I left feeling relieved. Realizing they're people in this world that actually care. Thank you for your time. Signed Regina Arnwine aka Regina Glover.

‎Beatrice Lutchmiah‎

Thank you so much for all your help you made it so easy for me and my family to do all we needed to settle my moms estate and your prices are so reasonable and big thanks to G&G Real estate for selling the estate property so quick and at such a great price we never dreamed we'd get so much you are all wonderful and professional , smart and just genuinely nice people and we recommend you to everyone!

‎Libby Hernandez‎

My husband and I went to Just Docs and had a living trust prepared. We were very pleased with the service and with Annette Gomez. She is very knowledgable about the whole proccess. I highly recommend Just Document Preparation.

Nancy Torres

Thank you very much for your help! Great customer service and very professional! Thank you Joel and Annette. Great team!

‎MrsCarmen Wells‎

Just documents provides great service

‎Timothy Lucas‎

Thank you so much Annette for the big "WOW" in coming in today and thinking I had to notarize two signatures and only needed one and was able to walk out with a free notary! Thank you for the great service and hospitality! I recommend anyone that has a needed service to call "Just Document Preparation" for their service! On the way home I already handed out your business card!...Many Blessings!

James Steven Jackson

great company

Mike Canfield‎

Polite, Fast and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Justin Tinnin‎

Just doc prep was aswesome . Very professional and knowledgeable. They had a anserw to all of my

‎Julio SO Cal‎

Annette & Joel were so helpful with my divorce. My divorce was complete 6 months 1 day from the day that I first steped in to the office. I met with Annette two times and with Joel one time and that was it. I now use J.D. Prep for my business. I recommend Just Doc Prep to everyone who needs help with legal paperwork.

Dennis Jordan

Very helpful and professional! Thanks Annette!

Brenda Flores

Thanks Joel for all your information, you make things look real easy.

Mariella Salazar

Very helpful and friendly people. Thank you Joel for all the information! Coolest guy in the world!!?

Honey Kace

Thank you Joel for helping me ad my father Joe great and quick services

‎Leslie Dellaro‎

Thank you Annette for your valuable knowledge and insight. You make your clients feel comfortable and at ease.

Vanessa Rodriguez

thankyou for giving me such quick service with your notary today!

Millie Asiedu

This service is wonderful. I have been using Just Document Preparation for over 5 years, as I needed them. 🙂 The prices are reasonable, the people are knowledgeable and friendly. You are treated with the utmost respect, and Anette, the owner is great.. I highly recommend them for preparing your legal documents.....

‎Darcee Staiger‎

Annette has helped me with several things, one was a Living Trust for my dad. He passed away October 28, 2011. Having that trust done in advance made a HUGE difference in all of the "business" that must occur after someone dies. I can't tell you-too many- how things were made easier because we had it done. It's the best investment I have made. Guaranteed: Peace of mind!

Deshan Cage

Great Business, and trusted too!!

Pattie Love‎

Great team of helpful professionals !!!

Jennifer Piña

I have had a very good experience with Just Document Preparation and highly recommend them for any of your legal document needs. Joel is very knowledgable and made the whole process very easy.

Loren Price

They made creating a Living Trust easy to understand and affordable. We're a returning customer.

Sp DavidSarah

good company!!

Leslie Tate Russell

I'm extremely satisfied with the time and attention that Annette has paid to my issue. She has guided me through the process, answers my questions, and is prompt. Annette really seems to care, I appreciate that.

Kim Rolfer

Extremely helpful. It made a stressful situation a lot easier to handle. Their knowledge of matters & patience with me (who had a million questions) was great. So glad a friend recommended their services to me.

Susan Huerta

The staff is so helpful. They don't ever make you feel like your being rushed whether it be on the phone or person. Thanks.

Charlotte Rodriguez

5 stars!!! Everyone is super friendly and helpful! Annette has been great!

Alejandro Silva

Excellent service, great value and they guide you through the process.

Margit Lippel

Annette has helped my dad for years and now she is helping me I'm so grateful I know and have her in my life