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Client feedback is extremely important to us, and more importantly it is crucial to you as the consumer. Just Document Preparation has found that we have more 5 star reviews than any other in our industry.  These reviews & testimonials help show you the kind of service we provide. Please take a minute and check out our reviews.


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I’m very grateful for your generous donation of time and financial resources. Thank you so much for supporting our kids!!
J. Fletcher, Rubidoux High School DAC

I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks to Annette and her staff. They handled the paperwork not only for my divorce but also my bankruptcy. All the paperwork was perfect unlike some other poor people at the court that had to keep going back. Both of my cases were smooth and easy. Thanks Again
C Mullen, Lancaster, CA

Thank you Joel and Annette,For guiding me through this most difficult time with kindness and professionalism. My ex payed two or three times the money and received much less in services by her attorney then I received by you.
T. Britian, Riverside, CA

Thank you for your help during this stressful time in my life. Your calm and professional demeanor helped me to stay calm and organized….
D. Berry, Irvine, CA

I just wanted to thank you and Joel for all your hard work on my case. The results I obtained from your services were invaluable. My case was resolved yesterday and thanks to your company I won my case. Thank you Thank you Thank you. May God bless you and Joel for all your hard work.
A Jaramillo, Riverside, CA

I am so happy with your service. It took me 7 1/2 years to finally get this nightmare over with. It also took 6 people prior to you which included an attorney. Good Work…
E. Ramirez, La Verne, CA

Annette, Thank you for your professional services, it surely did help the case.
C. Goulet, Riverside, CA

Thank you for giving me my life back!!!
S. Dernick, Riverside, CA

I’m very thankful my ex-husband needed your help. Otherwise, I might not have met you!… I am SO thankful we did the trust when we did! I’ve had to use it more than I can even count. I keep it in the car because I never know when I’m going to need it. POA and the POH have helped my sanity and kept things moving (instead of having my hands tied). Thanks for everything you’ve done – during and after our initial business. It is so true: You never know what is going to happen!
D. Staiger, RRiverside, CA

I will continue to use your great services in the future. The probate judge highly complimented the documents you prepared and the way it was all handled. You all were heaven sent and all of you did a great job!!  Thank you so very much.
L. Delgado, Riverside, CA

Annette, Thanks so much for all the direction provided… You’ve been a godsend, and we’ll be forever grateful. With great appreciation
D &B Palmer, Riverside, CA

Thank you Joel and your staff for assisting with my bankruptcy forms. My hearing was yesterday and went without a hitch. As a testament to your excellent service when I filed my petition, there wasn’t one error or missing page from the petition (unlike others in the court who seemed to have lots of problems). I would highly recommend to anyone planning a bankruptcy to avail themselves of your service, it is well worth the reasonable fees charged. Again Thanks
J. Dunny, Riverside, CA

Again Just Doc Prep to the rescue. I am a repeat client that has been overly satisfied. I was facing a small claims filing and turned to Just Doc to handle the matter. What a load off my shoulders, quick, professional, reasonable, and stress free. No mistakes,thanks again, I am a loyal repeat customer. This is the best service for legal matters I have found.
B. Kipp, Menifee CA.

Thank you for giving me my life. Because of your staff I now live as the person I was meant to be.
S. Moore, Riverside, CA

…I have been passing your card out vigorously to everyone in need. You were a great help and a wonderful wealth of information that helped me. Thank you
Charlotte A, Moreno Valley, CA

Thank you for all your help & support…This past year has been unbearably hard, and your compassion &; insight has helped immensely.
C. Shunk, Eugene, OR

Thank you, Annette,for all of your help with our conservatorship case, for your kindness, sensitivity, and generosity. I am so grateful 🙂
L. Fera, N. Hollywood, CA

Annette, if it wasn’t for you preparing my husband and my living trust in 2010, it would have made taking care of our estate impossible. Your expertise and outstanding professionalism has surpassed customer expectations. Thank you and your staff
D. McNair, Redondo Beach, CA

Annette, I want to for your professional help throughout the years, your insight and up to date knowledge of the law has helped me personally.Thank you.
R. Baptista, Riverside, CA

What I received in professionalism and human kindness I would have gladly paid twice the amount I paid for Annette and her staff’s Services.
V. Murray, Highland, CA


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