Adoption Document Preparation

What is a California Adoption?

The purpose of an adoption is to obtain a court order establishing a legal parent-child relationship. An adoption in California is heard in the Family Law Division of the Superior Court in the county where the parties reside. We prepare the legal documents for 3 types of adoptions (see them below), and the process for each is not the same.  All of the adoptions are filed through the court but the timeline will vary for each type. In the case of stepparent and independent adoptions, it is the goal of the state to make sure that the best interests of the minor children are met. In the case of the adult adoptions, it is the goal of the state to make sure that the best interests of the parties and the public good are met. Read more about the adoption process below. It should be your goal to make sure that you hire competent and professional legal assistance.

The Adoption Process

There are several types of adoptions and each depends on the situation of the person being adopted. The process, timeline, and fees vary depending on the type of adoption being filed. Initially all adoptions start out with an adoption request being filed at the court. An adult adoption will have a hearing scheduled about one month later in which orders are usually granted. The time before a hearing for an independent or step-parent adoption will be much longer as investigations are required first to determine and qualify suitability of the new parents. The three adoptions processes in California that we help with are:

This is the most common type we help with. Even when the other parent cannot be found, we can guide you through the entire process and prepare all the legal documents. There are several steps involved which will take approximately 8 months to complete.
Out of the three types we help with, this type of adoption has more steps to the process due to the fact that the Department of Social Services is also involved. There is also more paperwork involved. This process will take approximately 9 months to complete.
This type is the quickest to process through the court as there are no formal investigations to be performed to determine the suitability of the parties. However, a hearing is still required. This process will take about 30 days to complete.

Our Approach to Adoption Documents

Our team has helped countless clients prepare their adoption documents over the years. We are knowledgeable and experienced with the adoption process so you can be sure that your adoption documents are correct and no time is wasted. We regularly check with the courts to ensure our procedural information for the adoption is current for a smooth process for our adoption clients. Once the adoption case is finalized, we will provide the resources for amending the birth certificate.

Complete Service with Adoption Document Preparation

We help with stepparent adoptions, independent adoptions and adult adoptions.  Our team can not only prepare your documents, we can file them at the court and notify the parties involved to make the process of your adoption move smoothly. Our team follows up and is available for procedural questions throughout your process. We can schedule an appointment same or next day to start your process. Once we get the information needed, documents are ready within a few days for signing, filing and further processing.

Best Choice for Adoption Documents

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What I received in professionalism and human kindness I would have gladly paid twice the amount I paid for Annette and her staff’s Services.
V. Murray, Highland, CA

Annette, Thanks so much for all the direction provided… You’ve been a godsend, and we’ll be forever grateful. With great appreciation
D &B Palmer, Riverside, CA

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