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What is a Probate Note Deficiency

It is an error in the handling of a petition that does not meet legal requirements or court rules. Perhaps a document was prepared incorrectly, a procedure was overlooked, or a document still needs to be filed. A few examples of a deficiency are, “No notice of hearing filed”, “Notice filed mailed less than 30 days prior to hearing” or “No accounting filed”.
Deficiencies must be cleared or corrected before a court order is signed by the judge and filed with the court. In some cases, if there are no deficiencies, the petition will be approved without a court appearance necessary. […]

Living Trusts Alta Loma

Preparing Living Trusts is a large part of our business. More people have discovered the benefits of having a Living Trust. Our trust will spare your loved ones from the delay and expense of a probate. Your beneficiaries are able to receive the assets you gift to them without undue delay. Our Living Trust can be amended or revoked at any time. Our quality Living Trust package will be yours without the high cost of attorney’s fees or the pressure of insurance sales.
Benefits of Having Just Doc Prep Prepare Your Living Trust

NO COMPLICATED LANGUAGE. No complicated procedures. Our Trusts are […]

Chino Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants

We Are The Choice for Chino Paralegals & Legal Document Assistant
Chino, CA is a smaller city located within San Bernardino County. It has a population of about 80,000 and the very close Chino Hills, a population of about 76,000. The residents of Chino and Chino Hills are serviced by the local courts within the county. Their divorces are filed in downtown San Bernardino while some civil and eviction matters filed and heard in Fontana, CA. Currently there are not many choices for Paralegal services or Legal Document Assistants within or surrounding the Chino area. This leaves residents who want professional […]

Alta Loma Civil Answers

Were you recently served with a civil complaint and you want to respond with a civil answer? The court only allows a certain time frame from the date you were served before they will allow the other party to move forward on the case without you. People who fail to adhere to the court’s time frame for civil answers can surprised when they try to file civil answers and the court refuses to accept them. Time is key with any civil answer.

Your a resident of Alta Loma, You were just served with a civil suit and you want a professionally […]

Alta Loma Child Support

If there are any minor children involved in any court case child support is usually an issue. Child support can typically change several times until the minor children reach the age of majority. In California, child support is calculated using a state formula. We understand the relevance and importance of each key piece of information that is used. To ensure the calculation is ran correctly the most current and accurate income most be incorporated into the calculation. A child support order can be too high or too low if incorrect information is used or incorrect forms are submitted to the […]