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Usually you need more than a divorce judgment to divide a retirement/pension account. A QDRO is a court order that directs a retirement plan how to pay benefits to a divorced spouse. This order is made after a divorce judgment and is necessary for the former spouse to be paid. It is important that these QDROs meet all federal guidelines to ensure proper payment of benefits. Whether you were awarded a portion of someone’s Defined Benefit plan (traditional pension plan) or a Defined Contribution Plan (401(k)) we prepare all the necessary documents so you can claim and receive your court ordered award of benefits. We can prepare all types of QDROs including Military Plans, Union Retirements, Government and Private 401(k)s, Pension Plans and more. Read some of our blog articles for more detailed information about some of the various pension/retirement plans here.


Our QDROs ALWAYS Meet The Requirements Of The Court & The Retirement Plan Administrator

Preparing a QDRO is a detailed process with many steps dealing with many different entities. Unless a joinder has already been filed in the divorce case, we will file these documents and legally serve them on the pension plan administrator. After the pension plan has been joined into the case, we will make sure that all documents we prepare are approved by them before you sign anything. Until the judge signs the final QDRO, we make sure that all requirements of every party involved are met. This will ensure accuracy & a fast turnaround time.

From start to finish, we get your QDRO approved, so you can get all the benefits that you are due.  What We Offer to You: 

Experience: We have prepared QDROs since 1996. We handle all the details, from preparing all the necessary documents, filing them at any of the California family law courts, and having everything ready for the retirement plan to be divided. We can process your QDRO efficiently because we understand and know all the court requirements to get your order for a division of accounts.

Professionalism: State law requires that all businesses providing legal document preparation directly to the public be bonded and registered with their county clerk.  This is to protect the consumer and ensure you are dealing with a professional and legitimate business. We have complied with this law since it was enacted while many others do not.

Convenience: We make it easy for you to allow us to handle your QDRO. We facilitate everything from start to finish. If you prefer not to come into our office, we can still help you. We’re just a few keystrokes away. You still get the highest level of service we provide. The courts, plan administrators, filing, serving… we do it all.

Affordability: Our business was founded to provide a lower cost legal alternative to the traditional attorney service. We offer our professionalism and high quality service at a flat rate with no surprises costs.

Communication: We are very responsive in our communications. Once you choose us, we will return all phone calls and emails promptly and we will update you every step of the way. We will be accessible throughout the process and you will never wonder what’s going on with your file.

Time Sensitive: We know that your QDRO isn’t just paperwork. It is your ability to move forward with your life financially. From the moment you start with our team we work fast and follow up constantly with plan administrators and the courts to ensure your QDRO gets processed as soon as possible.

Just Doc Prep Has Prepared QDROs With A 100% Success Rate

Our team has been preparing QDROs since 1996 and every QDRO we have prepared has the Judge’s signature making it an order of the court. Our team has great relationships with the major plan administrators as well as the family law court clerks. We are bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400. Our flat fee pricing for QDROs is clear and upfront and includes QDRO document preparation, as well as courier fees, process service and filing fees. You will never have surprise costs with us. Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients.

QDROs Completed Fast & Accurately

Our team can schedule appointments the same or next day to start your QDRO. After your first appointment, your initial documents are immediately prepared and ready to file at the court. To be sure benefits will be paid accordingly, Just Doc Prep will obtain the plan administrator’s approval of our work. In some cases, the plan administrator’s work load can cause delay in which we have no control over.

HELPFUL LINKS: Your Pension Rights     U.S. Dept of Labor-QDROS

The Best Choice for QDRO Preparation

  • Bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400
  • We Have been preparing QDRO’s Documents since 1996
  • Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients
  • Flat fee & clear upfront pricing mean no surprises
  • Same & Next Day Appointments Available
  • More 5 Star Reviews Than Any Other in the Local Industry

Overview of Our Start to Finish Process

Getting Started: From start to finish, we handle it all. We take the hard work out of your hands and we don’t stop until your QDRO is approved and signed by your family law judge and filed with the court. You will be ready to submit this to your pension plan administrator so they can divide your benefits. With us, it’s fast and easy to get started with your QDRO.

The Joinder: A Joinder is a series of documents that are filed and served to add your retirement/pension plan to your court case. Based on the type of retirement plan, a joinder is required by the California Family Law Courts. Our team completes all joinder documents as well as files them at the court. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes on these important documents or standing in line at the court.

Serving the Plan Administrator: Next, the plan administrator must receive a copy of the filed Joinder. This is known as the process serve. The appropriate department of the pension plan administrator that handles your account receives the documents and typically will file a “Notice of Appearance of Employee Benefit Plan” with the court and mail a copy to the party who filed the joinder.  Whether the plan administrator is personally served or served by mail, we include the process service as part of our service.

Proof of Service: The court requires a “Proof of Service of Summons on Joinder” to be filed. This document provides details about the process serve including the date, time and location that the serve took place, to mention a few. There are different options for the completion and filing of the Proof of Service. We prepare and file the proof of service with the court.

Drafting QDRO: Right away, we obtain the required information to prepare a draft of your QDRO, usually within days.

Approval: More and more Family Law Court Judges require a QDRO be pre-approved before it will be filed at the court. This means the Judge wants the plan administrator to review the QDRO to confirm that the contents of the order are satisfactory and meet’s the retirement plan’s requirements. Almost all plan administrators gladly review QDROs and provide approval letters on submitted QDROs. This also saves time later as it makes sure the QDRO that is ordered by the court will be sufficient to divide the benefits. As soon as your QDRO has been drafted we submit it to the plan administrator to start the approval process.

Execution of QDRO: Once a QDRO has been approved it can be signed by both parties and the Judge of the Court.  Usually the QDRO is submitted with a filing fee and postage paid envelopes. Most courts process the QDROs in 2-3 weeks. Our team combines your signed QDRO, approval letter, filing fee and all required envelopes and postage to the court immediately. We then track the progress of it at the court each day until the Judge has signed it and it has been filed.

QDRO Completion: Once a Judge signs a QDRO it is an order of the court and can be sent to the plan administrator. Quickly after the court has filed the QDRO, we package and send it to you to forward to the administrator so they can start dividing your benefits.

Once your plan administrator receives the filed QDRO they will re-verify the documents and then start the division process. They will contact you and keep you informed as they complete their division of accounts process. At this point, for security, we erase all your sensitive information from our servers such as birth dates & social security numbers.

Common Retirement/Pension Plans Our Team Completes QDROs for:

CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System), CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System), Western Conference of Teamsters, LACERA (Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association), Southern California Edison, 3M, California Highway Patrol, FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System), Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan, Nationwide, TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), County of Orange Deferred Compensation Plan, Operating Engineers Pension Trust, Costco 401(k), Rite Aid 401(k) Plan, Danaher Safeway 401(k) Plan, SBCERA (San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association),…and more…

What Our Clients Say

What I received in professionalism and human kindness I would have gladly paid twice the amount I paid for Annette and her staff’s Services.
V. Murray, Highland, CA

Annette, Thanks so much for all the direction provided… You’ve been a godsend, and we’ll be forever grateful. With great appreciation
D &B Palmer, Riverside, CA

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We are a team of Bonded & Registered Legal Document Assistants. This is a California State requirement for anyone providing legal document preparation services directly to the public. We opened our doors in 1996 in Southern California with the goal of providing a lower cost legal alternative to the traditional attorney service. Since 1996 our team has helped thousands of clients obtain family law judgments at a fraction of the cost of attorneys all while still maintaining the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

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