In California, Child Support Payments Don’t Always Automatically Stop When the Child Turns 18

Child Support in California

In California, child support becomes an issue when parents of a minor child become divorced, legally separated or an action to establish a financial obligation is made between unmarried parents. Under California law, both parents are responsible for the financial stability of their minor children. The judgment will state when the child support obligation will end. The typical termination date is as follows:

The child has reached the age of majority – when the child has turned 18 and has graduated from high school, support can continue past 18 if they are still in school,
The minor […]

Cost To File for Spousal Support in Riverside County

Understanding the costs associated with initiating a spousal support petition in California can help someone with the proper planning and preparation to be able to file and work towards having a spousal support order made. While the costs for someone in Riverside County filing for spousal support can vary dramatically based on many factors, here we will lay out a few constants and variables so you have a basic idea of what it might take financially to get a spousal support order in the Riverside County family law court system.

Where to file a Spousal Support Case in Riverside County

First to […]

Can I file For Custody if I Wasn’t Married to the Other Parent?

For those parents who are not married, and realize that they need custody and visitation orders made, the Superior Courts of California can help. Simply put, California Superior Courts, specifically the Family Law Division, can make orders for custody and visitation for parents of minor children who are not married.

Contrary to common misconception, the process for un-married parents to obtain custody and visitation orders though the family law courts in California is a streamlined process. While there can be some variables, such as in contested cases (custody battles), the court process can potentially get parents from filing their custody petition, […]

Important Steps to Consider When Getting a Divorce

Seek Protection

If you have reason to believe that your husband or wife might become violent against you or your children, can have the ability to abduct the children, or can even take funds from any accounts or conceal properties, there are steps you can take in an effort to protect yourself.

A few of these protective steps may include obtaining a court order in an effort to prevent domestic abuse, alerting your child’s school that the child can only be released to you, or even securing a passport restriction to avoid your child from being taken outside of the country. You […]

Enforcing Child Support

When parents separate or become divorced, financial responsibilities for the support of their children are often ordered by the court. The funds allocated to be paid are not to financially support the other parent, but are funds that must go to support the child’s needs.  Unfortunately in some cases, the parent who is court ordered to pay child support may be unwilling to pay what is ordered. It is important to recognize that severe penalties can be implemented on a parent who refuses to pay court ordered child support. While some penalties can seem minor, most consequences can make a […]