Child Support in California

In California, child support becomes an issue when parents of a minor child become divorced, legally separated or an action to establish a financial obligation is made between unmarried parents. Under California law, both parents are responsible for the financial stability of their minor children. The judgment will state when the child support obligation will end. The typical termination date is as follows:

  • The child has reached the age of majority – when the child has turned 18 and has graduated from high school, support can continue past 18 if they are still in school,
  • The minor has married,
  • The minor has entered into a domestic partnership,
  • The minor has joined the U.S. military,
  • The child has emancipated the parents, or
  • The child has passed away

Common Reasons Why Child Support Continues After a Court Order

There are reasons why a parent would continue paying child support after the date it is set to terminate. They are either voluntary or involuntary. In voluntary situations, the parent may want to continue to support the child, but have the other parent manage those financial resources. In involuntary situations, it could just be that payments are still collected because of a parent failing to understand court and Department of Child Support Services procedures.

It is important that parents making child support payments are aware of the amount of money they are paying and when the date of termination is. This way they can plan ahead and have ready the income withholding termination order to stop the garnishment.

How Child Support is Terminated

Child support garnishment terminations can include multiple steps. If there is more than one child, and the amount of child support wasn’t originally allocated for each child, child support will need to be determined for the children who are still minors. The termination order must be filed at the court. This can take several weeks, depending on the backlog of court cases. Then the filed termination order must be given to the payroll department before they can stop withholding money for child support. 

You Can Enlist Professional Help To Successfully Terminate Child Support Payments

Parents anticipating upcoming termination dates for child support should prepare by having important documents such as graduation records and birth records ready.  It is recommended that once parents have filed the documents to terminate child support payments, they follow up and facilitate to be sure that their payroll department receives a copy. The court will not notify the employer.

If you need help with your request to terminate a child support income withholding order, Just Document Preparation can help. For a flat fee rate, all of your documents will be prepared and filed with the appropriate court. Contact us here for more information.