With divorce rates at an all-time high, it is more and more common that residents in Riverside County will be forced to utilize the services of the California Family Law Courts. This could be for simple divorces with no issues or complex family law cases with custody, visitation, child and spousal support and asset and debt division. No matter how simple or complex the case, if your residence is in Riverside County the Riverside County Family Law Courts will be where your case is filed and processed. Each county in California essentially handles family law cases in the same way, but residents are mandated to file their family law cases in the county they reside. With this being said, case outcomes do not typically vary from county to county. Your price, process, procedure, required documents will be the basically the same in any family law court in California.

When you are attempting to file a family law case in Riverside County it is important to know exactly what court you need to file in. This will save time and confusion, wasted trips to the wrong court, and since all court forms have the court address listed, it could save you the headache of having to re-do all your documents should you had put on the wrong court information. Riverside County, like most other California counties have a family law division. This means that there are specific courtrooms, judges and support staff that just handle family law cases. These divisions are typically housed in larger courthouses with other divisions. An example would be the Hemet Family law Court, which is sharing the courthouse with a civil division as well.

Currently there are 15 court locations in Riverside County, but only 4 family law divisions. These family law divisions are located in downtown Riverside, Hemet, Indio and Blythe. Most of these courts also handle other case types such as probate and civil, but all four of these locations have dedicated courtrooms and judges for family law matters specifically. Court locations are always subject to change so the court’s website will always have the most up to date information for filing your Family Law case in Riverside County. Common reasons a court may move is a new building, renovations and expansions. We have seem a handful of these since we started helping with Family Law Filings in Riverside County.

Although there are 4 locations to file family law cases in Riverside County, it is important to note that the courts are not consolidated, meaning you cannot file at any just any of these courts. As far back as 2008 family law filings could be filed in any location, but with budget cuts, filers must now go to the specific court the court mandates they file in. For the most part, it will be the court location closest to you, but not always. The court has broken the County of Riverside into 4 segments and each one has a list of zip codes assigned to it for filing. An easy way to determine which of the four locations to filing your family law cases is the court’s zip code list, found here.

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