The family law clerks do not help people get through their legal process as efficiently as possible. Handling your own legal matters can cost a lot in wasted money and time. Our job is to save you both. We also save you the aggravation of finding and paying for a parking space and standing in long lines at the court. Here are some insider tips to make your legal process better that you probably don’t know:

  1. Both parties do not have to pay a court filing fee to participate in a dissolution of marriage or a legal separation. The court filing fee is presently $450 in Riverside County and $435 in most other California counties. The Petitioner pays this when the first papers are filed, usually the petition, unless qualified for a fee waiver. The summons, which is served on the other party, states, “You have 30 calendar days after this summons and petition are served on you to file a response…” It costs another $450 or $435 to file the response (unless qualified for a fee waiver). Many couples who cooperatively work together through the legalities, do not file a response, but still participate together in the disclosure process and the signing of the marital settlement agreement in front of a notary. As long as both parties agree that the case can continue as a default without a response being filed and a proper agreement is submitted, the court will approve it and allow the case to proceed to judgment.
  2. You can file documents by fax. Instead of driving to the court to personally deliver documents to the clerk, you can fax file them. Add the local Facsimile Transmission Sheet with your credit card information and the documents are usually filed the same day then mailed or emailed back. Your card will be charged the filing fee and the fax fee of $1.50 per page.
  3. You don’t have to hire a process server or have your friend hand document to the other party for you A lot of people think they can only serve by mail if the other party is outside of California, but CCP 415.30 allows the documents to be served by mail if the other person is willing to sign a Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt. Make it even easier by including a stamped envelope addressed back to you.

Over the past years, the courts have made many changes to provide easier access to the justice system for the consumer, but even the most basic cases could usually be handled more efficiently if you know how to navigate the court system. Not only do we provide quality legal documents, we know how to get you through the legal system while saving your sanity.