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About Joel Smith

Joel began serving Just Document Preparation clients in 2002. After completing his undergraduate studies at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and California Baptist University in Riverside, he began to improve procedures and update technology to make the team of legal document assistants, and the business more efficient and convenient for clients. While opening a second office in Murrieta for our team of legal document assistants to provide services, and helping to manage the Riverside office, he earned his MBA at California Baptist University in 2011. In his academic and career pursuits, Joel has earned several distinguished honors and awards. Joel’s knowledge of business and the legal document assistant procedures, coupled with his drive and ability to quickly gain the confidence and respect of others has made him a valuable asset to the company and the community. Bonded and Registered Legal document Assistant: LDA#230, Riverside County.

Common CalPERS QDRO Questions & Answers

My Divorce Judgment addressed my CalPERS account, Do I need a QDRO?

Divorce Judgments typically will award a percentage or portion of a members CalPERS account, but usually do not include the required CalPERS language to divide the account. Most QDROs are processed and completed during the final phases, or after a divorce judgment has been entered.

CalPERS has 3 model QDROs to Divide an Account, Which one should I Use?

Currently CalPERS offers 3 Model QDROs to divide a member’s account. The requirements to use either one, as well as time frames and financial benefits will vary depending on which one you […]

How to Check Probate Notes in Riverside County

Probate notes are a written record posted on the Riverside County court website by the probate examiner for all probate cases in Riverside County. The probate examiner reviews the filed probate documents and publishes notes about the filing before each hearing. The notes will include general statements about the purpose of the hearing. In some cases “deficiencies” will be noted, which are requests for additional documents or clarification of documents filed. The deficiencies will need to be addressed before the hearing to avoid a delay. Once notes are posted, they might be updated, so it’s important to be aware of […]

How Much Does It Cost To File A Probate In Riverside County?

There are different fees for filing a probate case in Riverside County depending on the type of probate case being filed.  Here is a list of fees:

Petition filing fee: Filing a Petition for Probate, Spousal or Domestic Property Petitions, and Petitions to Determine Succession to Real Property all have a filing fee of $450 payable to the Riverside Superior Court. The filing fee for the Petition for Probate will be paid twice, once when the first petition is filed and again when the final petition is filed.

Court reporter fee: When the petitions listed above are filed, a mandatory hearing will […]

CalPERS Chief Actuary

CalPERS is officially looking to fill the position of Chief Actuary. This person will analyze the financial consequences of risk as it pertains to CalPERS pension plans. The results will be available for government use, outside auditors, compliance agencies, plan participants and shareholders.
For more information view the original press release here.

Marcie Frost,

Today CalPERS announced that they have name a new Chief Executive Officer. Marcie Frost was named and brings close to 2 decades of pension industry experience. She previously served as the executive director of the Washington State Department of Retirement System. Currently she will oversee close to 3000 employees and a massive 1.7 billion dollar budget. Learn more about the CalPERS press release here.