Considerations When Hiring A Legal Document Preparation Service

Is the LDA Bonded & Registered?
California Business & Professions Code §6400 requires all LDAs to be bonded to prepare legal documents in the State of California and registered with the county clerk in the county(ies) of their location. This important protection assures the consumer that the LDA has a required level of education and training, and insurance. Be careful and don’t assume that everyone who claims to be an LDA is in compliance. Do you trust the preparation of your legal documents with someone who doesn’t follow the law? Our management team is bonded and registered.
What do past clients say […]

The California Code of Statutes Goes Modern – FL-100

It also clears up previous confusion about where to file these matters. Previously, many opposite sex couples were confused about where to file, thinking it should be filed in the county or state where the marriage took place. The proper venue for California residents always has been the California court if at least one of the parties has legal residency in this state.
The confusion was compounded by same sex couples who were married in a state that no longer recognized same sex marriage or moved to state that didn’t recognize same sex marriage or divorce. Now it is clearly understood […]

CalPers Pension/Retirement Division Overview

What is CalPERS? CalPERS is the abbreviation for California Public Employees Retirement System. This is the California agency that manages and tracks the general trust fund for pension and health benefits for California public employees, retirees and their families (and former spouses of former employees). Members include workers in law enforcement, schools and some county and city jobs. As of 2013, within the State of California,  there were over 1 million members of which over half of them were receiving monthly benefits.

What is a CalPERS Pension/Retirement Division?
During the completion of a divorce property rights are often determined. Pension/Retirement accounts are […]

Does CalPERS Require a Joinder?

A joinder is a powerful set of documents that serves as notification to a retirement/pension plan of a family law court case, joins the plan to the case, and freezes a member’s account.  If you are wondering if CalPERS requires a Joinder, review the following general guidelines.

As a party to your family law case, CalPERS has guidelines and orders to follow as directed by the court.

California Court’s requirement for Joinder – According to California’s RETIREMENT PLAN JOINDER—INFORMATION SHEET (FL-318-INFO) a joinder is required for Governmental plan of a state, county, public school or university, or other public agency. Within the […]

Request for Dismissal – CalPERS Account Claim

In the event that a CalPERS account has had a hold placed on it by way of a Joinder, CalPERS requires a “Request for Dismissal”, which is commonly done with California Court form CIV-110.

The form is signed by the party who requested the Joinder or their attorney. Upon the court receiving it, the court clerk can sometimes dismiss the action without the judge’s approval. A copy of the filed dismissal is provided to CalPERS so they will then release the claim on the CalPERS member’s account.

If a community property claim was placed as a result of some method other than […]