Can I file For Custody if I Wasn’t Married to the Other Parent?

For those parents who are not married, and realize that they need custody and visitation orders made, the Superior Courts of California can help. Simply put, California Superior Courts, specifically the Family Law Division, can make orders for custody and visitation for parents of minor children who are not married.

Contrary to common misconception, the process for un-married parents to obtain custody and visitation orders though the family law courts in California is a streamlined process. While there can be some variables, such as in contested cases (custody battles), the court process can potentially get parents from filing their custody petition, […]

The Cost and Procedures of a Civil Name Change in Riverside County

There are several common reasons why a person would want to change their name, and with each reason comes a different set or requirements to change it. The procedure as well we the costs associated with different types of name changes will also vary. The most common name changes may be needed after either a marriage or a divorce. In these situations, the required documents and or fees are wrapped up into the process. One example would be changing back to a maiden name after a divorce. The divorce judgment can have an order that restores a party’s former name. […]

Can I Take My Cellphone into a California Courtroom

You can take your cellphone into courthouses and courtrooms in California. There are however restrictions placed on what you can do with them once you are inside. Most of these restrictions may seem like common knowledge to most, but none the less, the courts do have published guidelines, typically available on their website, of what is and isn’t acceptable use of cellphones in the court. Each County Court in California may be different so you will want to check, and if unsure, you can simply ask security at the front doors when entering. For reference, here is a cell phone […]

Probate Avoidance – What Does That Really Mean?

While estate planning buzzwords like “Probate Avoidance”, “Beneficiary” and “Property Transfers upon Death” are becoming more common, the understanding of these may not be fully realized. This article takes a closer look at a common phrase used by people performing research for their estate plan – “Probate Avoidance”.  While this article lays out some of the stresses of probate court, it may only apply to those who do not have a solid estate planning instrument in place.

So in many cases with estate planning, consumers of Living Trusts and Wills in California are looking to transfer property to their loved ones […]

Important Steps to Consider When Getting a Divorce

Seek Protection

If you have reason to believe that your husband or wife might become violent against you or your children, can have the ability to abduct the children, or can even take funds from any accounts or conceal properties, there are steps you can take in an effort to protect yourself.

A few of these protective steps may include obtaining a court order in an effort to prevent domestic abuse, alerting your child’s school that the child can only be released to you, or even securing a passport restriction to avoid your child from being taken outside of the country. You […]