After a joinder has been prepared and filed with the court it can be served on CalPERS. The process service is what officially notifies CalPERS that they are now a part of a court case as well as places a hold on the member’s CalPERS account. Learn about CalPERS claims (account holds) or the CalPERS Joinder process here. There are different methods for serving a joinder on CalPERS and below is a description of two easy methods.

Personal Service: This is a common method for service of a joinder on CalPERS. The filed joinder documents are personally delivered to the CalPERS community property division unit in Sacramento. After the serve is complete the server will complete a proof of personal service of joinder to be filed with the court. Learn more about personal serves of joinders on CalPERS here. Bonded and Registered Process servers can easily be found online to help with the serve, or a local process server might be part of a network that can handle it.

Mail and acknowledgment service: This method can be completed with the help of your local post office. The joinder documents are mailed to CalPERS with two (2) Notice and Ackwoledgement of Reciepts (FL-117) with a return addressed, postage paid envelope. CalPERS will receive the documents, complete the FL-117 and return it to the sender. The FL-117 is a confirmation by CalPERS that they have received the documents. The FL-117 is incorporated with the proof of service to be filed at the court. Learn more about serving CalPERS by mail and acknowledgment here.

The above two methods are the most common when serving a joinder on CalPERS but there are some less common methods of service outlined on California Court form “Proof of Service – Summons (Joinder), form FL-375 page 2. These other options may not be applicable for serving CalPERS. As always, the completed proof of service of joinder must be filed at the court. Learn more about proof of service of joinders here.

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