RIVERSIDE, CA (March 30, 2011)


Joel Smith celebrates his one year anniversary as Operations Manager at Just Document Preparation, a low cost, legal alternative to the traditional attorney service.WHAT HE’S DONE: In a very short period of time, he took an established & successful legal document preparation service and propelled it forward by refreshing & modernizing business practices, while growing the business.

joel smith

In the last 15 years Just Document Preparation has been helping consumers save thousands of dollars in legal fees, by assisting with a wide variety of matters such as divorce, custody, support, pension divisions, living trusts, probate, bankruptcy, and more. Joel Smith reviewed all aspects of the business and made several improvements. Joel updated the company website, www.JustDocPrep.com, making it more informative and user-friendly. As more people rely on the internet to handle important business, Joel has made it easier for our clients to have more of their matters handled electronically without sacrificing the personal touch which is necessary in such important and often emotional matters. The biggest change that took place was the opening of a second office in Murrieta last spring which was well received in the community. Joel also made smaller changes in the daily operations to cut costs and increase efficiency. This year’s first quarter gross revenue has increased by more than 20% over the same period last year as a direct result of his efforts.

WHO HE IS: Joel Smith earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at California Baptist University where he will also be receiving his Masters Degree in Business Management in May of 2011. He has been a high achiever throughout his life, receiving many honors and awards in and out of the classroom. A Riverside resident since 1987, he enjoys music and travel.

HIS GOALS: Continue to increase quality access to the justice system with the latest technology and by opening more offices throughout the Inland Empire and beyond.

FIND OUT MORE: Just Document Preparation is located at 7710 Limonite Ave, Suite N, in Riverside and 25186 Hancock Ave, Ste 110 in Murrieta. The Riverside office is open from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and evenings and Saturdays by appointment. The Murrieta office is open 3 days each week, by appointment but can always be reached by phone during regular business hours.

ABOUT JUST DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Since 1996 we have assisted consumers with their legal matters by providing top quality legal document assistance. Our job is help consumers stay in control of their own legal matters by providing a legal alternative to the high cost of attorney’s fees.