“Modern divorce is not about who acts the worst or who slept where. It’s about the money. Both spouse’s income and assets are — or should be — on the table. But couples don’t always know a lot about each other’s finances, or where to look. They might not even realize how much less they’re worth, due to the squeeze on incomes and the housing depression.
Divorce rates fall during hard times because couples can’t afford the split. But for people quitting anyway, the struggle ramps up. Here are 10 tips for getting the most out of a diminished marital pot:
1. Follow the money. If you don’t know much about your spouse’s finances, or aren’t sure that everything is on the table, snoop. Any financial documents can be a clue to income or property: Online bank and investment accounts, life and homeowners insurance policies, payroll and retirement-plan statements, financial statements filed when you took out a mortgage, a copy of the will or trust, credit card statements, and tax returns (if you don’t have copies of them, you can get joint federal returns for the past five years by filing Form 4506-T)….” Follow this link to read the full story:
The best way to get through a divorce is amicably. But when faced with someone who is less than forthcoming with information needed to enter into an agreement knowingly and intelligently, I think the tips in this article are excellent advice and should be seriously considered. I would add an 11th tip and that is to consult with a good attorney for legal advice and direction about your particular situation, even if you will be representing yourself in court.