Several of the cases we work on were prepared by others who could not or did not finalize with a judgment. The initial documents were filed and then served on the other party, but often times, that was the end of what they had done or they kept submitting final documents which were prepared incorrectly. In some cases years had gone by which sometimes had some serious implications. We can finish your California divorce documents.

Uncontested California Divorce Document Preparation is a Process

The general procedure for an uncontested divorce in California is a process. First, the petition and required attachments are submitted to the court so the court can keep a record and assign a case number. After the documents are “filed”, they are ready to be served (delivered to) on the other party. These documents are not the final judgment, but only the petition (request). After the other person has been properly served and the required time has lapsed for the other party to respond through the court if they choose to, then the final judgment can be submitted to the court. During this time, disclosures regarding assets, debts, income and expenses need to be exchanged. Confusion frequently happens after people go to court to get temporary orders for child custody and/or support. These orders do not terminate the marriage. A judgment needs to be signed by the judge and filed at the court.

Average Time Line to Finalize Your Divorcefinalize your divorce

In an uncontested case, the documents to obtain a judgment documents can be submitted immediately after the time period after service on the other party has lapsed. Assuming the petition was served on the same day it was filed, the judgment could potentially be submitted on the 31st day after. The time between submitting the judgment and having a signed and file stamped judgment depends on the court’s workload. We have seen judgments signed and filed as quickly as one week and as long as 4 months. As of this writing, the average time it is taking the Riverside courts to file the final judgment is 4 to 6 weeks. Most courts that we are aware of are taking approximately the same amount of time. Based on this, a judgment could be filed as quickly 6 weeks from the day the petition was filed.

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