Forever seems like a long time, but when it comes to court orders, you will never know when you will need a copy of them. There are many types of court orders you can have over the span of your life and each is just as important as the last. A special file should be created and maintained to keep them all in one place an organized. This article will cover some typical reasons on why you would want to keep a copy of those court orders. Have you already lost yours? Don’t worry, well also explain how to get a fresh copy of your court orders.

What are court orders?

A court order will result from anytime a person has been involved in a court case, and the case has followed through to a Judge making a specific order binding on one or more parties of the case. This could be custody, child support or visitation in a family law case. It could also be an order for someone to pay you money in a small claims or civil lawsuit. Furthermore, you could have been awarded real estate in a probate case. Every one of these examples will result in a formal court order.

Why is it important to keep my court orders?

Even if the order has been completed and you do not see a reason to keep your orders, it is always a good idea to have them on file. Even though the court is almost fully digital now, we have clients come in and need court orders from as far back as the 1960’s. Maybe for a new marriage, or purchasing a home or to show an employer a criminal conviction has been dismissed. The court is going back in time and converting these old orders to digital, but it is slow. Court documents are also subject to being lost. There is nothing worse than the court telling you they will have to track down a copy, and then weeks later they admit they don’t have one anymore. Don’t let the court leave you high and dry.

Common uses for court orders.

Every court order is different, but usually every person who receives a court order will need to provide it to some organization or institution at some point. Here are some of the most common uses for court orders:

  • Change your name with DMV, Social Security, bank accounts, school, registrations……
  • Show to law enforcement in family law disputes with custody or visitation
  • Have something removed from a credit report
  • Show an employer a criminal conviction has been dismissed
  • Show the county recorder you are the owner of some real estate
What if I don’t have my court orders anymore?

Do not worry. You can still act now. Court orders can typically be obtained and at court of the county your case was handled. Many courts are now offering online ordering of the documents. You can have your orders within hours even if you are on the otherside of the country.

If you need help getting a copy of your court orders we can help.

Call our team, and we can usually get a regular copy of your court orders within a day or so. If you need certified court orders we can also have those with turn around about a week or two. For 10% of retrieval of your court orders, “Like Us” on facebook.