She Puts Her Name in the Papers

She Puts Her Name in the Papers, By Darla Martin Tucker, The Business Press, November 6, 2006
 In 2004, an anxious young husband and father approached Just Document Preparation in Riverside to help him file a domestic violence restraining order against his wife. He wanted to protect himself and his young daughter from his wife’s abuse stemming from her refusal to take medication for schizophrenia. Annette Gomez, owner of the firm, interviewed the client. An assistant quickly typed up the court papers, filing them within 24 hours. He got temporary sole custody of his child, Gomez said.
Gomez is bonded and registered […]

Annette Gomez Provides Legal Document Assistance

What’s Happening in 92509
May 2006
It has been 10 years since Annette Gomez, LDA, or legal document assistant, of Just Document Preparation started preparing legal documents for her clients. My service provides an affordable alternative to the traditional attorney service. We save people thousands of dollars in attorney fees and allow our customers to stay in control of their legal matters. I support the idea that everyone should have access to the legal system.
There is a lot of confusion about what an LDA does. LDAs are required to be registered and bonded, and have a level of legal experience and/or education. […]