The State of California has a near record sum of $19.2 billion owed in child support arrears. Some researchers believe that the current 10% interest rate is to blame for the amount, although proponents of the current rate believe that keeping it high encourages making payback a priority over other obligations. If you read the comments about the following article, you’ll see that this is a complex problem affecting many people in many different ways. What I didn’t see mentioned is the fact that many parents don’t know that they can and should modify child support orders when circumstances change. It’s important for parents to change their child support orders when they lose their job, experience a decrease in their income, change physical custody or when a child reaches adulthood. At this time courtroom hearings are delayed, due in part to the many requests for child support modification, but a delay is better than doing nothing and allowing child support arrears to accumulate unnecessarily. Better yet, if parent’s can agree, the courtroom can be avoided altogether.
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