The year 2013 gave us more opportunity than ever before to help consumers and attorneys get through their probate cases as smoothly and quickly as possible. In almost every case, the presiding judge in various courts, complimented our clients on the quality of our paperwork.

  1. After interviewing other legal document assistants and attorneys, J.T. of Orange County hired us to help him prepare the paperwork on a simple probate. He was amazed at how quickly he was able to get into court and how smoothly his case went. On the morning of his hearing, he was the 22nd case to come before the judge. Afterward he told us about how so many of the cases before him had frustrated the judge because of the problems and deficiencies. When it was his turn, everything was perfect. The judge spoke so highly of our paperwork in open court that another petitioner followed our client out to get our contact information. Hear his testimonial here.
  2. S. Deible of Arlington Texas was surprised when she received a notice in the mail in September 2013 from the Riverside County probate court threatening to fine her $1500.00 for failing to finish her case. She thought her attorney had finished in early 2008 when he paid himself and she heard nothing more from him. When she tried to locate him, she discovered that his license to practice law had been suspended. She hired us to finish the needed paperwork. After retrieving all the filed documents, we prepared all the documents, addressing all the issues, which included matters dealing with a college trust fund, which she was named trustee of.  Appearing in court via telephone, she was able to settle the matter in less than 3 months.
  3. We were also pleased to help more than one attorney handle their probate cases in 2013. As our fees are so reasonable, more attorneys understand that it’s worth it to pay us, as independent paralegals, to complete the paperwork and facilitate some of the legwork while they handle other preparations. Attorney, J.F. of Riverside County, was thankful when he hired us to finish a probate that had become a burden for him. He was amazed when he got his final orders from the judge so quickly. We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial business relationship with him.

Having to go through a probate is nothing to get excited about. As dreadful as it is, we can make it much easier. In 2013 we also cleaned up numerous cases started by people who couldn’t complete the task on their own. After suffering the loss of a loved one, and the family drama that sometimes follows, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the paperwork and court rules in a lengthy process. As more people discover the value of using a bonded, registered and experienced  legal document assistant or paralegal for their probate cases, we predict that in 2014 Just Document Preparation will make a bigger difference in this area.