What causes the biggest headache when it’s time to settle an estate and distribute assets? The answer is when important documents can’t be found. Trying to locate important papers, organize them, and sometimes complete them creates an extreme burden, the process to slow down and a unnecessary frustration. A difficult time is made much worse by the lack of pre-planning. It’s great when steps were taken to keep the matter outside of a courtroom, but it’s even better when everything is in one place to be handled efficiently. A bank safe deposit box or a fire proof safe are excellent places to store these important papers:

Living Trust and Wills

Power of Attorneys

Advance Health Care Directives

Current insurance policies with agent contact information

Retirement Plan documents

Investments information and contacts

Deeds to real estate

Rental agreements

Motor vehicle titles

List of bank accounts and contact information

Current contact information for all people who need notification

Original birth certificates

Death certificates

Social Security cards.


All other legal documents, including but not limited to divorce judgments, installment agreements, etc…

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