Things to Note if You Need a Living Trust

The following article published by the Federal Trade Commission says that generally an attorney is required to be used for the preparation of your living trust. Fortunately because California is consumer friendly, an attorney DOES NOT have to be used to prepare Living Trusts in California. California legitimized the legal document preparation profession over 0 years ago with SB1418. A legal document assistant must be bonded and registered with the county clerk to prepare legal documents for the consumer. However consumers still need to make sure they are informed and with all the excellent resources and information on the internet, […]

How to Leave a Mess for Your Loved Ones – A humorous look at a serious subject.

Do Nothing. Take no responsibility or time to plan, or prepare any documents. Allow your family to wonder who should get your possessions. Then let them wonder why your new spouse got the family home, and why they got nothing.

Don’t find out what the difference between a will and a living trust is. Then you won’t know that a simple will can lead to a  very expensive court proceeding. You won’t know why experts say that if you own real estate, you should prepare a living trust.

Put your kid’s name on your deed. Don’t ask your tax professional about the […]