One More Reason To Keep Family Law Disputes Out of the Courtroom

When I started helping consumers prepare their legal documents for divorce in 1996, between 50-55% of family law litigants were self-represented. There were no family law assistance centers or facilitators at the court to help people get through the process on their own. Legal Document Assistants, formerly known as Independent Paralegals were mostly part of a cottage industry plagued by unscrupulous fly-by-nights. And Robert  Shapiro hadn’t yet created Legal Zoom.
Fast forward to 2011 where legal document assistants, have been legitimized for over 10 years. The new laws have helped to rid the legal marketplace of many, but not all non-attorney […]

New Law Allows Children to Address the Court Regarding Custody or Visitation

See AB 1050 below which goes into effect January 1, 2012. Existing law recognizes a child’s choice regarding living with mom or dad. The information is sometimes obtained through reports from the court appointed mediator’s office. New procedures will be put into place giving children over 14 years of age to address the court in these matters. This new law will help guarantee litigants their due process in a system heavily burdened in backlog.
Assembly Bill No. 1050 CHAPTER 187
An act to amend Section 3042 of the Family Code, relating to child custody.
[Approved by Governor August 27, 2010. Filed with Secretary […]