AB 590 became law on October 11, 2009 which will appoint free attorneys to represent low income parties in civil cases concerning matters of basic human needs. Now over 2/3 of low income litigants do not receive any type of free legal service. Our civil courts are overburdened by more people who do not know how the courts work or how cases are handled. Giving better access means that cases will be resolved faster, reducing costs and everyone’s frustration level.

Judge’s decisions will be made with all the needed information. Funding will come from court fees, which have already been increased this year. The California Association of Legal Document Assistants, of which I served on the board, helped to craft some of the language in this bill to make sure the rights of people using private services to help with self representation would not be affected. The best way for anyone who’s willing & able to take control of their legal issue is by hiring a bonded and registered legal document assistant (LDA), a relatively new profession recognized in 2000. The government will never be able to serve everyone’s needs efficiently. There are presently 750 legitimate LDAs in this state. I was the fourth one registered in Riverside County the day the law went into effect.I am trained to help you save thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. We prepare documents, many times on the same day as your appointment, and provide you with the tools so that you don’t lose control, so that you can deal with your legal issue with the minimal amount of time, expense and headache.