It is an error in the handling of a petition that does not meet legal requirements or court rules. Perhaps a document was prepared incorrectly, a procedure was overlooked, or a document still needs to be filed. A few examples of a deficiency are, “No notice of hearing filed”, “Notice filed mailed less than 30 days prior to hearing” or “No accounting filed”.

Deficiencies must be cleared or corrected before a court order is signed by the judge and filed with the court. In some cases, if there are no deficiencies, the petition will be approved without a court appearance necessary. To correct a deficiency, it’s important to review the probate notes far enough in advance to allow time to make the correction and have it in the file prior to the hearing. Learn more about California Probate by viewing all articles about probate here.

If you have checked your probate notes and have deficiencies you can’t resolve, we are happy to help. Call our our team here, or use the form below, and we can give you a no obligation quote to clear your probate note deficiencies.

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