Spousal Property Petition for Siskiyou County Courts

A Spousal Property Petition is a type of case filed and heard in Yreka Probate Court, Siskiyou County, to make an order on property of married parties after one passes away. This is a Probate process, but simplified since there was a marriage of the decedent and Petitioner. The court will file the prepared petition and schedule a hearing in which the court will make a determination of the property in question. The property can be real estate, financial accounts or other. Most spouses leave their one required court appearance with their Spousal Property Order, at which time they can show to financial institutions or even file at the Siskiyou County Recorder.

Siskiyou County Courts Spousal Property Petition Quick Facts:

Court Location: Yreka Civil Court on 4th Street in Yreka

Court Fee: $465.00 or $0.00 with a court ordered fee waiver

Average Time Frame: Court date schedule about 35-40 days from filing petition

Court Appearances: One hearing in which Judge typically makes final orders

Spousal Property Petition Process in Siskiyou County Court

The Spousal Property Petition is filed with the Civil clerk at the Yreka Branch located on 4th Street in Yreka CA. The court clerk will then schedule a court hearing about 35-45 days later. Prior to the hearing notifications to all involved parties must be made. The Probate Examiner will review the case prior to the hearing and note any issues with the filing in an attempt to have them resolved or corrected prior to the hearing. At the hearing, the Spousal Property Petition has typically been reviewed and approved by the examiner who made recommendations to the Judge at what to do during court. Most spouses leave the court appearance with their Spousal Property Order.

Spousal Property Petition Siskiyou County Court

Our Spousal Property Petition Service for Siskiyou County Courts

We handle it all, you just show up at your court hearing to collect your orders: Our team starts by completing all the documents required by Siskiyou County court for the Spousal Property Petition. After signed by the Petitioner, we file the documents with the county court clerk in the civil division of the Yreka court. They provide us with a hearing date and then we complete the court required notification to parties followed by our team completing and filing the Proof of Service of that notification. We then check with the probate examiner’s notes (review) of the file and address any questions or clarifications they require prior to the hearing. We complete the proposed order and submit it to the court. You show up at court and walk out with your orders.

The Spousal Property Petition fee with Siskiyou County Court: Court fees are consistent in most of the 58 counties in California. Siskiyou County has a fee of $435.00 to file a Spousal Property Petition as well as a Court Reporter fee for your hearing of $30.00 totaling $465.00 to the court for their fee. The court clerk takes the filing fee when they receive the Spousal Property Petition and which time they issue a court case number. The California Courts also allow for Petitioners to ask for a “Fee Waiver” if they qualify not to pay court fees and if granted by the Judge, no court fees are assessed with your Spousal Property Petition.

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