Pension & Retirement Divisions (QDRO) for Siskiyou County Courts

After a divorce through the Siskiyou County Court has been processed, and community interest in a financial account has been awarded to the other party, the court will accept and process division of account documents. These are formerly known as QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders). Just as your divorce processed through the main courthouse in Yreka, so will the pension retirement division. If you are looking to have your pension or retirement account divided after a divorce through Siskiyou County  Court in Yreka our team can assist.

Siskiyou County Courts QDRO Quick Facts:

Court Location: Yreka Family Law Court on 4th Street in Yreka

Court Fee: $20, but included in Just Document Preparations Fee

Average Time Frame: No sooner than 31 days but typically about 3-4 months

Court Appearances: None required for QDROs


Pension & Retirement Division (QDRO) Process in Siskiyou County Court

Phase One, The Joinder: The California Courts have a series of documents to initiate the QDRO process know as a “Joinder” Procedural, the Joinder “Joins” the plan/account into your divorce case. The Joinder specifically identifies the plan/account as well as identifying information regarding the employee as well as summarizes some details from the divorce. Importantly these documents place on order on the plan administrator to freeze the account until the QDRO process has been completed. These documents are filed at the main family law division in the Siskiyou Court located on 4th street in Yreka. The court clerk files the documents and then they must be served on the plan administrator, at which the court requires 30 days to elapse in case the plan administrator wants to contest or make a general appearance on your divorce case.

QDRO Pension Retirement Division Siskiyou County Court

Phase Two, The QDRO: The QDRO is a formal order prepared that encompasses the details of the divorce as well as the plan administrators guidelines for division of accounts. Many larger companies and plan administrators have samples of these orders which can be used to draft a proposed order for review. After completed it is reviewed by the plan administrator for an approval. More and more Judges are requiring that the plan administrator has reviewed the proposed order before the Judge makes it an order of the court. After review the approved QDRO is submitted to the same family law court in Yreka. Approximetly 2-6 weeks later the Judge has processed and signed the QDRO. The court will then return the QDRO by mail at which time you can send the copy to the plan administrator for them to begin the division.

Our Pension & Retirement Division Service for Siskiyou County Courts

From start to finish our team will complete the required documents needed for the process through Siskiyou County Family Law Court in Yreka. We start by preparing the Joinder documents and after signed, we file them at the Yreka family law court. We then serve the plan administrator and file a “Proof of Service” back at the Siskiyou County Court. We obtain and model QDRO from your plan administrator and begin preparing the documents, submit to the plan administrator and then receive an approval. Both parties then sign the approved QDRO and we submit to the family law division in Yreka. After the court completes the order each party gets a court filed copy from the court.

The QDRO fee with Siskiyou County Court: Almost every court in California has a fee assessed with a QDRO. This is for the court to process and the Judge to sign the order. $20.00 is the common fee in almost every of the 58 counties in California. To make it easy and less involved for our clients, we take care of any payments to the court associated with QDRO processing so that our clients can avoid making trips to the Yreka family law court.

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