Petition to Determine Succession in Siskiyou County Courts

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Siskiyou County Courts Petition to Determine Succession Quick Facts:

Court Location: Yreka Civil Court on 4th Street in Yreka

Court Fee: $465.00 or $0.00 with a court ordered fee waiver

Average Time Frame: 2-3 months

Court Appearances: One hearing 35-45 days after filing petition

Petition to Determine Succession Process in Siskiyou County Court

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Petition to Determine Succession in Siskiyou County Courts

Our Petition to Determine Succession Service for Siskiyou County Courts

We handle it all, you just show up at your court hearing to collect your orders: Our team starts by completing all the documents required by Siskiyou County court for the Spousal Property Petition. After signed by the Petitioner, we file the documents with the county court clerk in the civil division of the Yreka court. They provide us with a hearing date and then we complete the court required notification to parties followed by our team completing and filing the Proof of Service of that notification. We then check with the probate examiner’s notes (review) of the file and address any questions or clarifications they require prior to the hearing. We complete the proposed order and submit it to the court. You show up at court and walk out with your orders.

The Petition to Determine Succession fee with Siskiyou County Court: Court fees

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