Restraining Orders Document Preparation

What is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a legal document, signed by the judge and certified by the court which orders a person to stop doing certain acts to another. This form of protection is very serious, meaning that if someone doesn’t comply it can result in criminal penalties and possibly other further actions as well.

Experience Counts on Restraining Orders.

We have experience in preparing restraining orders and helping people through the court system in all types of restraining orders. Our skills and professionalism help your peace of mind during this emotional process.

 Restraining Orders – The Process

Helping people to obtain restraining orders is always top priority with us. Your documents are prepared before other documents in our office so you can get orders quickly. Once the legal documents are presented to the court, hearings for Requests for Restraining Orders in family law court are set right away. For example, in Riverside County, if the documents are filed before noon, a hearing will take place the next morning at 8:30 as long as the other party was given proper notification (a telephone call) and proof is provided to the court. When a restraining order is issued at the emergency hearing, it is temporary until the regular hearing takes place, which is usually about 30 days. Sometimes the court will issue a temporary restraining order without an emergency hearing. At the regular hearing, if a restraining order is issued, it is usually valid for 3 years, but not always.

According to the California Courts, “Domestic violence is abuse or threats of abuse when the person being abused and the abuser are or have been in an intimate relationship (married or domestic partners, are dating or used to date, live or lived together, or have a child together). It is also when the abused person and the abusive person are closely related by blood or by marriage”. There are several steps involved in obtaining a restraining order and specific documents to be prepared, which are numerous if there are also minor children of the parties involved. In addition to preparing the documents and  navigating you through the system, we can help you incorporate requests and orders for child custody, child visitation and child support. Due to the seriousness of the situation, our domestic violence restraining order requests are our top priority.

The difference between a civil harassment restraining order and a domestic violence restraining order is the relationship of the parties. In this case, there is no close family or domestic relationship. Most of the requests we get for help preparing requests for civil harassment restraining orders are due to problems with neighbors.

This type of restraining order is requested by an employer on behalf of an employee and the employee’s co-workers. The person whose actions are to be restrained can be anyone who is a threat to the workplace. In this type of request, it can be challenging to locate the person whose actions need restraint, however, we have excellent resources to locate and serve people who are not easy to find.

We Are Your Choice For Restraining Orders Preparation. We have been successfully preparing Restraining Orders since 1996 with a 100% success rate. We are bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400. Click here to read the Code which pertains to the requirements of the Legal Document Assistance Profession  BEWARE of businesses that don’t comply with the law. Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients.

National Domestic Violence Hotline        800-799-7233

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence        202-467-8714

The Best Choice for Restraining Orders

  • Bonded and registered as required by California Business & Professions Code §6400
  • We Have been preparing Restraining Orders since 1996
  • Most of our business comes to us through referrals from our satisfied clients
  • Flat fee & clear upfront pricing mean no surprises
  • Same & Next Day Appointments Available
  • More 5 Star Reviews Than Any Other in the Local Industry

What Our Clients Say

What I received in professionalism and human kindness I would have gladly paid twice the amount I paid for Annette and her staff’s Services.
V. Murray, Highland, CA

Annette, Thanks so much for all the direction provided… You’ve been a godsend, and we’ll be forever grateful. With great appreciation
D &B Palmer, Riverside, CA

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