DMV Defense From Our Friends At CDA

All California Drivers know the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is where we go for a variety of driving related matters. Whether it is the original application and testing to receive our driver license or, the yearly event of renewing our vehicle registration, the California DMV is where we all go for any issues related to driving. What most Californians do not realize, however, is that the DMV has a dark side. Because the DMV possesses the power to grant a driving privilege, they also possess the power to take it away. That’s right!!! Independent of any court action or conviction, the DMV holds the power to suspend, restrict, or revoke a person’s driving privilege for a variety of reasons.
The DMV can suspend or revoke a person’s driving privilege:

–Following a DUI Arrest.

–If a driver is under the age of 21 with any alcohol in their blood or if the driver is on probation with a measurable amount of alcohol in their blood.

–If a driver has accumulated too many moving violations within a short period of time.

–If the DMV believes an elderly or ill driver no longer possesses the ability to safely drive a motor vehicle.

–If a person is accused of the fraudulent use or application for a driver license.–If a person drives without appropriate auto insurance.

–If a person who holds a Special Certificate is thought to have violated some provision of the law warranting the suspension of their Certificate.

California Drivers Advocates, Inc., is a Firm of highly trained and experienced Administrative Law Specialist possessing the knowledge and backbone to stand up for you if the DMV is seeking to take your license.You cannot make the suspension of your license any worse by defending yourself. All you can do it make the situation better. Don’t let the DMV steal your license without a fight.

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