Probate notes are a written record posted on the Riverside County court website by the probate examiner for all probate cases in Riverside County. The probate examiner reviews the filed probate documents and publishes notes about the filing before each hearing. The notes will include general statements about the purpose of the hearing. In some cases “deficiencies” will be noted, which are requests for additional documents or clarification of documents filed. The deficiencies will need to be addressed before the hearing to avoid a delay. Once notes are posted, they might be updated, so it’s important to be aware of all updates. Right now, the court publishes these probate notes in Riverside County weeks before the hearing so that the Petitioner can address any concerns and move forward with an order from the judge without delay.

After documents are filed in Riverside County Probate Court, the Petitioner should check the notes frequently and timely in an effort to be fully prepared for their probate hearing. To check probate notes in Riverside County, visit the Probate Division’s probate notes page here. Then select the probate court where your case was filed. There a “Calendar” of cases is displayed in order by hearing date. An easy shortcut to find your case is with a search function. Click Ctrl + f on your keyboard and type your case number. You will then see your court date and the probate notes. An important element to look for is at the bottom of your case’s probate notes. There you will find the examination date and the name of the examiner who reviewed the file. If the hearing date and notes are not present, then the file has probably not been reviewed yet. Keep checking back to give yourself the most amount of time to clear any probate note deficiencies.

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