Common CalPERS QDRO Questions & Answers

My Divorce Judgment addressed my CalPERS account, Do I need a QDRO?

Divorce Judgments typically will award a percentage or portion of a members CalPERS account, but usually do not include the required CalPERS language to divide the account. Most QDROs are processed and completed during the final phases, or after a divorce judgment has been entered.

CalPERS has 3 model QDROs to Divide an Account, Which one should I Use?

Currently CalPERS offers 3 Model QDROs to divide a member’s account. The requirements to use either one, as well as time frames and financial benefits will vary depending on which one you […]

Notice & Appearance of Employee Benefit Plan

Have your received a notice and appearance of employee benefit plan from CalPERS? If you have received this notice in the mail you are not alone. The notice was sent because you are probably going through or finishing a family law case where a CalPERS account is subject to be divided.

What is it? The notice and appearance of employee benefit plan, California Judicial Counsel form FL- 374 is usually sent out by the CalPERS community property unit after they have been served a Joinder, or been made aware that they are a party to a family law case.

What information is […]

CalPers Pension/Retirement Division Overview

What is CalPERS? CalPERS is the abbreviation for California Public Employees Retirement System. This is the California agency that manages and tracks the general trust fund for pension and health benefits for California public employees, retirees and their families (and former spouses of former employees). Members include workers in law enforcement, schools and some county and city jobs. As of 2013, within the State of California,  there were over 1 million members of which over half of them were receiving monthly benefits.

What is a CalPERS Pension/Retirement Division?
During the completion of a divorce property rights are often determined. Pension/Retirement accounts are […]