Proof of Service of Summons – Joinder CalPERS

As stated in our article “CalPERS Joinder Overview”, after a joinder is filed with the court and served on CalPERS, a proof of service is completed and filed with the court. Below is some general information about the proof of service on joinder for CalPERS.

What information is on the Proof of Service of Joinder: All proof of services of a Joinder filed in California usually include, but are not limited to, the following:  The name of the documents that were served on CalPERS, The method of service (personal, mail, substituted…..), The date and time of the service, details about the […]

Serving a Joinder on CalPERS

After a joinder has been prepared and filed with the court it can be served on CalPERS. The process service is what officially notifies CalPERS that they are now a part of a court case as well as places a hold on the member’s CalPERS account. Learn about CalPERS claims (account holds) or the CalPERS Joinder process here. There are different methods for serving a joinder on CalPERS and below is a description of two easy methods.

Personal Service: This is a common method for service of a joinder on CalPERS. The filed joinder documents are personally delivered to the CalPERS […]