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We are not attorneys. We can only provide self help services at your specific direction. Legal Document Preparation is provided to the public per Business & Professions code 6400. Paralegal Services are only offered to Attorneys. Riverside LDA #062, #230 & #261. Learn more about Legal Document Assistants here.

California QDRO and Divorce Overview

When a divorced and or legal separation is processed in California, often times there are community property and debts that are divided. When this community asset and debt division is processed by an agreement (martial settlement agreement or stipulated judgment) the parties can decide how those are divided, and when by default the court and or trial will make orders on this division. A common assets divided in a California family law case is a pension and or retirement account. These are accounts acquired through employment during the marriage. While most people would often think that these accounts are owned […]

DUI Attorney in Riverside

Where to go when you need a DUI Defense Attorney in Riverside – Many times we have people call and are looking for some aspect of DUI Defense within Riverside County. The scope of our business with regards to DUI is limited to post conviction “Request for Dismissals”, commonly referred to a Expungments. This process is typically done well after a DUI conviction has been entered into a County Court’s system. Request for Dismissals are usually done after all fines and restitution have been paid as well as terms of probation satisfied.

When looking for professional DUI defense at the beginning […]

LDA Insider Secrets to Save You Money & Time

The family law clerks do not help people get through their legal process as efficiently as possible. Handling your own legal matters can cost a lot in wasted money and time. Our job is to save you both. We also save you the aggravation of finding and paying for a parking space and standing in long lines at the court. Here are some insider tips to make your legal process better that you probably don’t know:

Both parties do not have to pay a court filing fee to participate in a dissolution of marriage or a legal separation. The court filing […]

Considerations When Hiring A Legal Document Preparation Service

Is the LDA Bonded & Registered?
California Business & Professions Code §6400 requires all LDAs to be bonded to prepare legal documents in the State of California and registered with the county clerk in the county(ies) of their location. This important protection assures the consumer that the LDA has a required level of education and training, and insurance. Be careful and don’t assume that everyone who claims to be an LDA is in compliance. Do you trust the preparation of your legal documents with someone who doesn’t follow the law? Our management team is bonded and registered.
What do past clients say […]

The California Code of Statutes Goes Modern – FL-100

It also clears up previous confusion about where to file these matters. Previously, many opposite sex couples were confused about where to file, thinking it should be filed in the county or state where the marriage took place. The proper venue for California residents always has been the California court if at least one of the parties has legal residency in this state.
The confusion was compounded by same sex couples who were married in a state that no longer recognized same sex marriage or moved to state that didn’t recognize same sex marriage or divorce. Now it is clearly understood […]