Another Possible Option To Collect Past Due Child Support

After a parent obtains a child support order from the court, the supporting parent has a responsibility to start paying by the commencement (start) date in the court order. Sometimes the actual collection of the child support funds can be a problem. When a child support order is violated due to a lack of payment, there are several options that an individual seeking recovery can choose from. An individual entitled to child support payments can enlist the help of his or her local child support agency (LCSA) for collection efforts.
How Does the LCSA Collect Child Support Funds?
A local LCSA has […]

Spousal Support Reform – The Trend to Limit Alimony

As the number of married women who are financially dependent on their husbands decrease, the more our present alimony laws are scrutinized. Now that women are a major segment of today’s workforce, and have generally obtained a higher educational status, the premise that they are “entitled” to a portion of man’s income after separation or divorce is becoming outdated. Although men’s groups are pushing for spousal support reform, many women also agree that the old system disadvantages today’s women by not encouraging them to be financially responsible for themselves and begin a new life. The courts agree and we are […]

No Easy Answer for California’s Child Support Arrears

The State of California has a near record sum of $19.2 billion owed in child support arrears. Some researchers believe that the current 10% interest rate is to blame for the amount, although proponents of the current rate believe that keeping it high encourages making payback a priority over other obligations. If you read the comments about the following article, you’ll see that this is a complex problem affecting many people in many different ways. What I didn’t see mentioned is the fact that many parents don’t know that they can and should modify child support orders when circumstances change. […]