CalPERS to Host a CalPERS Benefits Education Event

CalPERS to Host a CalPERS Benefits Education Event in Downtown Los Angeles at the LA Hotel. If you are one of the over 100,000 active CalPERS members in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara or Ventura County and want to learn about retirement and health benefits, supplemental savings plans, long-term care coverage, and more you should consider attending this event.  The planned event times are Friday July 15 and 16 from 8:00am to 3:00pm. The next event wont be until August which is planned for Newport Beach to offer education to Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego County CalPERS members.

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Removing a CalPERS Claim

If a formal claim has been placed on a member’s CalPERS account in anticipation of a community property award for a family law case it must be formally removed. It most commonly happens when a judgment is filed that divides an account or when the case is dismissed. Below is a general list of ways to remove a claim on a CalPERS account.

Request for Dismissal: If a member’s CalPERS account has a claim resulting from a filed and served Joinder but a judgment has not been filed, CalPERS requires a “Request for Dismissal”. Judicial Counsel form CIV-110 is commonly used […]

Placing a Claim on a CalPERS Account

Retirement accounts are often an issue in the process of a divorce or legal separation. For those people who have CalPERS accounts and want to place a hold or freeze the account during the family law case CalPERS accepts several different types of “Claims” to do so. Once CalPERS receives a claim on a member’s account, a hold in placed on it until the community property issue has been resolved. Below is a general list of the types of claims CalPERS accepts.

A Joinder: This is a very common method of claiming an interest on a CalPERS account. This is a […]