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We are not attorneys. We can only provide self help services at your specific direction. Legal Document Preparation is provided to the public per Business & Professions code 6400. Paralegal Services are only offered to Attorneys. Riverside LDA #062, #230 & #261. Learn more about Legal Document Assistants here.


For most probate cases, the Inventory and Appraisal form (DE-160) is filed in probate court once. For a simple estate, administrated by someone who is representing themselves IN PRO PER, it is not hard to prepare the form with a complete and correct itemization of the assets for the probate referee to use and for the court to file. These instructions are for a decedent’s simple estate, where this form will be filed once with a complete list of assets to that make up the estate.

The Inventory and Appraisal is comprised of no less than 2 pages. In the top […]

Joint Physical Custody or Sole Physical Custody – What is the Norm?

First of all, what is the difference between joint physical custody and sole physical custody. Charles E. Sherman, author of “How to Do Your Own Divorce in California” explains it simply like this:

“Joint custody” means both joint physical and joint legal custody.
“Joint physical custody” that each parent shall have significant periods of physical custody to be arranged to assure the child of frequent and continuing contact with both parents.
“Joint legal custody” means that both parents shall share the right to responsibility of making decisions relating to the child’s health, education, and welfare. (Non-custodial parent does not have […]


The business offers a lower cost legal alternative to the traditional attorney service. “We help consumers stay in control of their legal matters while saving them thousands of dollars”. The majority of the business focuses on divorce and other family law document preparation, uncontested probates and living trusts. Documents for adoptions, deeds, guardianships, conservatorships, and other court filings are also prepared. Most clients never see the inside of a courthouse. Independent paralegal services to attorneys are also offered.

Annette Gomez founded the business in 1996. Just Doc Prep is staffed with bonded and registered legal document assistants, a state law requirement. […]

California QDRO and Divorce Overview

When a divorced and or legal separation is processed in California, often times there are community property and debts that are divided. When this community asset and debt division is processed by an agreement (martial settlement agreement or stipulated judgment) the parties can decide how those are divided, and when by default the court and or trial will make orders on this division. A common assets divided in a California family law case is a pension and or retirement account. These are accounts acquired through employment during the marriage. While most people would often think that these accounts are owned […]

Just Document Preparation, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years with 20% Savings

Just Document Preparation, Inc. marks 20 years of helping self-represented consumers access the justice system by providing a lower cost, legal alternative to the traditional attorney service.
Services include document preparation for living trusts, divorce, custody, support and visitation, simple probates, guardianship, conservatorship, adoption and more. Consumers stay in control of their legal matters while saving thousands of dollars. The business also offers independent paralegal services to attorneys.
The company founder, Annette Gomez started the business in 1996 in Riverside which now includes satellite offices in Murrieta and Rancho Cucamonga. All employees are bonded and registered as Legal Document Assistants, a state […]