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LDA Insider Secrets to Save You Money & Time

The family law clerks do not help people get through their legal process as efficiently as possible. Handling your own legal matters can cost a lot in wasted money and time. Our job is to save you both. We also save you the aggravation of finding and paying for a […]

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The California Code of Statutes Goes Modern – FL-100

It also clears up previous confusion about where to file these matters. Previously, many opposite sex couples were confused about where to file, thinking it should be filed in the county or state where the marriage took place. The proper venue for California residents always has been the California court […]

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Spousal Support Reform – The Trend to Limit Alimony

As the number of married women who are financially dependent on their husbands decrease, the more our present alimony laws are scrutinized. Now that women are a major segment of today’s workforce, and have generally obtained a higher educational status, the premise that they are “entitled” to a portion of […]

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Joinder – What is It?

A joinder is a set of court documents that are prepared and filed at the court prior to a pension division order. The joinder is usually the first step to in the pension/retirement division. Basically the joinder documents “Join” the pension/retirement plan to the court case making it a third […]

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CALSTRS Pension/Retirement Division

What is CALSTRS? CALSTRS is short for California State Teachers Retirement System. This is the California entity that provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for teachers and their families. Calstrs, as of 2013 had more than 1700 employers it handled pension funds for. This included school districts, community colleges, offices […]

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