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Alta Loma Child Custody Document Preparation

We Prepare Alta Loma Child Custody Documents
Do you live in Alta Loma, California and need help preparing the legal documents to modify or establish child custody? Our bonded and registered team can help you now. We pride ourselves in providing the most professional service for assistance with your self-represented child custody documents for Alta Loma residents. Wheather this issue is a part of  a divorce or legal separation case, we have the experience and professionalism to have your child custody documents prepared accurately and quickly.

If You live in Alta Loma and Need to File For  Child Custody Now, Call Us.
We […]

Alta Loma Annulments

The process to file an annulment through the court is very similar to filing for a divorce or legal separation. A consultation with an attorney or your own legal research is needed before filing because most people are confused as to the requirements to obtain an annulment. Click here yo see California’s basis for requesting an annulment.

We Can Help If You Are An Alta Loma Resident and Need Professional Help With Your Annulment .
We are each bonded and registered. This is a California State law. Unfortunately many others in the industry do not comply meaning they are not legally authorized […]

Upland Probate Document Preparation

Probate is the legal process of transferring property to heirs or beneficiaries after someone dies. Many steps are involved in the probate process. Probate can be very expensive and time consuming, with some probates lasting several years in the court. A simple uncontested probate will take no less than 7 months to complete, but will usually take 9 to 12 months or in some case can take a bit more.

Just Document Preparation Prepares Upland Probate Documents with a 100% Success Rate
Just Document Preparation’s expertise in preparing probate documents and procedures ensures that your probate case will move through the legal […]

Living Trusts Upland CA

 Preparing Living Trusts is a large part of our business. More people have discovered the benefits of having a Living Trust. Our trust will spare your loved ones from the delay and expense of a probate. Your beneficiaries are able to receive the assets you gift to them without undue delay. Our Living Trust can be amended or revoked at any time. Our quality Living Trust package will be yours without the high cost of attorney’s fees or the pressure of insurance sales.

Benefits of Having Just Doc Prep Prepare Your Living Trust

NO COMPLICATED LANGUAGE. No complicated procedures. Our Trusts are […]

Upland Name Change

Do you need a name change? Many people do. If you want to change your own name, your child’s name or restore your former name after a divorce, our team can help with your name change. We assist with civil name changes and restoral of former names through the civil and family law courts.

We Assists With All Upland Name Changes
Minor Children: The most common type of name change we are asked to help with is for a minor child. For various reasons, the parent with custody desires their family name to be given to the child. Even when the non-custodial […]